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Voice of the Customer

Distill insights from customer conversations.

Your customers are voicing their opinions on social networks, in blogs and forums, and in email and chat sessions with customer service. But, do you hear them clearly? Making sense of it all can transform your business. The right voice of the customer (VOC) solution can help you understand customers better and build deeper relationships.

In your customers' own words

The voice of the customer has evolved. It has grown in scale and complexity with the World Wide Web, and it consists of unstructured commentary customers share wherever and whenever they want. Direct feedback from surveys and forms is as convenient as it has always been, but today it provides only a fraction of the true story. The business implication is clear – how you listen to voice of the customer needs to evolve too.

The KANA Voice of the Customer solution provides multichannel listening for your direct and social media communication channels to identify sentiment, topics and emerging trends related to your business, products and services. KANA VOC can process massive volumes of feedback and commentary using advanced text analytics to understand the sentiment and topics of a conversation and spot problems early. With KANA VOC, you don't need to scour the Web or weed through volumes of keyword-matched mentions. You gain a true understanding of customer conversations from your customers' own words.

Big names in business are using KANA technology to understand what their customers care about, help service reps resolve issues and engage with customers online, and to help managers make informed decisions and take more strategic initiatives.

Engage with customers. Adapt your strategy

KANA VOC technology cuts through the static and identifies meaningful input in real time, routing insights and issues to agents, managers and systems, and queuing and escalating problems for appropriate action and timely response.

You can engage directly with individual customers, providing response in the channels your customers are using and also respond to the bigger picture: What are the features your customers most admire or wish your product had? What's already old news? Reporting widgets give you the numbers on the positive, the negative and the neutral.

When you incorporate Verint® Enterprise Feedback Management with the KANA VOC, you can complete the customer service feedback loop, helping validate how your customer service teams have performed, act on customer feedback from multiple channels to repair a poor customer experience and deliver continuous agent and process improvement.

Verint EFM extends the multichannel capabilities of the KANA VOC to support multichannel surveying and the capture and analysis of customer feedback. This integration can turn customer feedback from an ad hoc activity into an essential stage of your customer service processes. It helps ensure that not only can the VOC be received, but also that the customer feedback is acted upon to help improve customer service processes and agent performance.

Customers don't always expect a response to every comment, email or message they send, but they do expect to be heard. KANA VOC solutions help you accomplish that goal and stand out from the competition by the way you do it

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