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Text Analytics

Text analytics tells it like it is.

To keep your customers coming back, you have to know what they want. Text analytics digs deep into customer conversations to deliver the good, the bad and the ugly—the truth about what your customers are saying about your brand, products and services.

Faced with millions of comments? KANA technology cuts to the chase

The information you need to better understand your customers is out there. It's the conversation your customers are having right now on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter and countless review sites, in the thousands of emails to your customer service reps, and on communities and forums all over the Internet. But to read it all, to sort through the mass of it, to extract the insight needed to take action and actually improve the customer experience is no simple task.

KANA text analytics solutions are up to the job. KANA Experience Analytics is a customer listening system that uses text analytics and advanced natural language processing (NLP) to analyze textual data—including unstructured text—across the channels your customers are using.

The first of its kind to combine a proven statistical-based engine with leading-edge linguistic capabilities, the KANA sophisticated NLP engine offers accurate text classification and robust analysis of customer comments. The statistically-based analysis allows it to be "language agnostic," meaning it can work with many languages, dialects and slang—the latter being especially useful for "Internet speak" and acronym-heavy SMS text messaging.

KANA solutions for text analysis go well beyond mere social media monitoring and keyword analysis to interpret sentiment, understand meaning and identify emerging topics in the customer conversation. Whether feedback is positive or negative, you'll want to know what's driving it. By correlating attributes, such as age and gender, with, for example, topics and sentiment, you will have a very precise understanding of customer conversations. KANA Experience Analytics gives you big picture insights and critical issue alerts, right down to the actual comment, its author and source.

The KANA solution for text analytics goes well beyond social media monitoring and reputation management, enabling businesses to leverage what customers are saying about them to actually improve the customer experience.

There's no time like real time

Comments are processed in milliseconds, which means you can respond to your customers in real time. The automatic triggers you select will spot and match incoming messages with the chosen criteria on a running basis, routing important comments to the CRM system and relevant staff for appropriate action and timely response.

With the right text analytics solution, you get more value from the information accessible in social media sources as well as in direct-to-company feedback. You can fully grasp the voice of the customer, understand the end-to-end customer experience and improve it.

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