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Enterprise Feedback Management


Don't just passively listen to customers. Rapidly act on customer feedback to deliver continuous improvement.

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Verint® Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) transforms customer feedback into actionable information to help enhance service, satisfaction and loyalty. Verint EFM helps you get the most out of your Voice of the Customer (VoC) program. It helps organizations validate how their customer service teams have performed, act on customer feedback from multiple channels to repair a poor customer experience and deliver continuous agent and process improvement.

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Verint EFM can help you engage customers and capture, analyze, track and act on their feedback in a closed-loop process across the organization. It helps you gain a holistic view of customer experiences.

The addition of Verint EFM to a KANA solution strengthens KANA's omnichannel capabilities through the ability to survey employee performance across all customer channels. KANA plus EFM turns customer feedback from an ad hoc activity into an essential stage of your customer service processes. It ensures that not only can the voice of the customer be received, but also that the customer feedback is acted upon to improve business processes and agent performance.

And, with the addition of Verint EFM Mobile, companies have an immediate, convenient and engaging way to collect customer feedback at the point of interaction. You can reach the right customers, at the right time, through their preferred channels.

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Building EFM into your customer service processes means validation of service can occur as close to the interaction as possible. As a result, the quality and volume of your customer feedback can improve. Negative customer feedback can be used to trigger follow-up processes to occur in KANA Enterprise. Real-time analytics and reporting can help supervisors identify trends as well as agent- and process-performance issues. Long-term customer relationships can be enhanced by making completed surveys available from the contact history, across all channels, so that agents are fully aware of all survey responses from a customer.