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Social Media Monitoring

Small talk. Big influence.

Online conversations never stop. They persist indefinitely and can re-ignite after months of inactivity. Social media monitoring tools help companies identify brand mentions to get ahead of potential problems before they turn into full-blown crises. But brand monitoring is a lot more than problem detection. It's an opportunity to gain customer insight.

Dig deeper to uncover what your customers really think

The opinions your customers are openly sharing on public review sites, Facebook and Twitter, and a multitude of other communities and forums, essentially constitute market research, free of cost. Paying attention to what's being said provides a valuable opportunity to better understand your customers—what drives their loyalty, what services they're passionate about, what products disappoint and why.

But gleaning insight from the vast volumes of social commentary demands more than the mere keyword tracking that characterizes most social media monitoring solutions.

KANA software solutions for social media monitoring go beyond reputation management, tapping into the passion of your customer base to help you understand their joys and frustrations with your brand in their own words. Rather than just react to customer dislikes, you can proactively evolve in the direction of your customers' needs.

KANA software solutions go well beyond keyword tracking and analysis to understand what's actually being said. Powered by advanced text analytics, KANA listening technology identifies meaning, sentiment and emerging topics in the text-based conversation unfolding online. And because KANA Text Analytics can process natural language—including the acronyms and misspellings characteristic of "Internet speak"—online conversations can be tracked much more accurately, reducing the false positives and missed opportunities of exact match keyword logic.

Social media monitoring all grown up

KANA listening technology analyzes the large quantities of constantly generated online commentary in real time. Depending on the criteria you set, important comments can trigger an automated response or be routed to the contact center—or to any corporate department for follow-up.

Not only is all the chatter analyzed, segmented and categorized into themes and issues, but users can also conduct root-cause analysis within specific areas of customer praise and dissatisfaction to get to underlying causes and opinions. With qualitative and quantifiable insights at your fingertips, you can identify and address potential gaps between your brand promise and the customer experience.

Social media is transforming the business-to-customer relationship. With KANA software solutions for social media monitoring, you can make good on your customers' growing expectations to your online presence: take care of immediate concerns, defuse problems and respond to customers in the social channels they are using. And, by enabling you to really listen to the customer conversation in social media, you'll get the bigger picture of where your customers are headed so you can lead the way.

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