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Social CRM

It's CRM in dialogue. Join the conversation.

Across industries, companies are going social. From online communities and forums to Twitter and Facebook, social media is how we communicate today — with big implications for business. Is your business venturing into Social CRM? Don't worry. It doesn't have to be a threat. Make it an opportunity.

From Talk to Insight and Action: Extend customer service to the Web

A big part of Social CRM is about conducting customer service on the Web so that conversations your customers are having about you become a dialogue with you. It provides customers and companies alike with unprecedented access to each other, but therein lies the corporate challenge. How can a company maintain a human presence on something as far reaching and dynamic as the social Web? At a more basic level, how can accountability, repeatability and corporate learning be incorporated into something as personal as an online conversation?

The first step for many companies is simply handling the tremendous volume of "talk" generated on the Web about their brand, products and services. Many companies rely on tracking systems, such as social media monitoring and keyword alerts, to manage it all—mainly venturing into social media to avert potential crisis. But determining what's relevant to focus on and pinpointing the location of comments is increasingly a challenge. And, more businesses are realizing that with all the opinions openly shared online, there's a lot more to be gained from Social CRM than reputation management.

Looking for more powerful tools to more clearly hear the online voice of your customers? Then it's time to move beyond social media monitoring to text analytics.

KANA Experience Analytics accurately identifies topics, gauges sentiment and interprets meanings of the text-based conversations. Using powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP), KANA Experience Analytics handles the misspellings and acronyms characteristic of online commentary, reducing the "false positives" and missed opportunities where "exact match" keyword logic falls short.

Reacting to keyword alerts is no strategy—making customer service processes a natural extension of your social listening program is.

KANA Experience Analytics uncovers the intent behind comments and accurately identifies emerging topics, turning the massive volumes of chatter into insight and a true understanding of your customers' online comments. Insights and issues identified from the important and relevant conversations on the social Web can then be queued, routed and escalated for appropriate and timely action. Using role-based dashboards, alerts and reports, agents, managers and even business executives can respond strategically with a human touch.

Terminology and Benefits Overview