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KANA Express Web Experience

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Personalized, Powerful Customer Service Delivered on the Web

Online customers want quick, accurate answers 24/7. KANA Express empowers you to give them a personalized and efficient Web self-service experience.

Provide your customers with the exceptional service they expect while reducing service delivery costs and making online interactions convenient and effective.

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Web Experience Solutions

Web Self-Service

Conrad Electronics has reduced incoming emails by 50 percent by using KANA Express Web Self-Service

Connect your customers with the information they need quickly, reliably and consistently with KANA Express. Provide an interactive Web experience that enhances your brand and answers your customers’ questions 24/7.

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Knowledge Management

KANA Helped SUSA Set Up Central Contact Center Solutions and Knowledge Management Capabilities to Reduce Calls by 80 Percent

Customers need answers quickly, and delivering those answers requires the power of context. Empower your customers to find answers to their own questions and also gain valuable information about their needs from their search behavior. KANA Express features a centralized knowledge base, which is shared by all modules to provide consistent answers across all channels.

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Live Chat

Kindertelefoon improves customer satisfaction using KANA Express Live Chat

Your audience is Web-savvy, so give them the latest tools to enhance their experience. Online tools, such as Live Chat, not only provide your customers with a familiar way to help themselves, it also helps improve your service experience and helps save costs by making your agents more efficient.

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Reporting and Analytics

POD MI used KANA Express Reporting and Analytics to improve SLA compliance by 90 percent.

To properly serve your customers, you must know how your customer services are performing. With KANA Express Reporting and Analytics, you gain insight into how well your knowledge base is serving your customers and how you can improve customer satisfaction by providing accurate answers consistently the first time.

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Virtual Assistant

DUWO's Virtual Assistant modernizes operations, making dialogue with students more effective while reducing costs.

With KANA Express Virtual Assistant on your website, customers get answers to their questions and solutions to their problems on the spot—interactively - 24/7. It's simply your knowledge base made more immediately accessible to customers.

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