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KANA Express Social Experience

Experience: Web Agent Social

Make a social connection with your customers

Your customers are chatting online about you and your brand. Become part of the conversation by proactively engaging with customers in social media and, when needed, integrate posts into your existing service resolution workflows. Bring social media to the contact center, enabling agents to leverage their knowledge base, case management and other support tools to address customer issues and concerns expressed in social media.

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Social Experience Solutions

More of your customers are chatting online about your company and brand. They use social media to share information — positive and negative — about their experiences with your products and services. Learn how to actively and efficiently monitor social chatter and use what you learn to improve your customer experience and get in front of important conversations as they are happening.

Social media gives your customers the opportunity to share their opinions and experiences with a global audience. Since they are increasingly becoming comfortable on social channels, they tend to share a lot of information. And, the more they do, the greater the exposure of your business to vocal advocates and detractors on the Web. But, not every conversation is important. That’s why locating the fast-trending conversations with influential participants can give you an edge.

Knowing where your customers are chatting about you and your brand gives you the chance to proactively engage with customers in social media when it can make a material difference to your company – even if it is simply to answer questions or clarify inaccurate information. Having your agents use their knowledge base, case management and other support tools to address customer issues and concerns expressed in social media can lead to satisfied and loyal customers.

Properly monitoring social media can help you identify emerging service issues early, develop a better understanding of your customers, or collaborate and exchange ideas with customers to build your brand.

Experience Analytics

Want to know what your customers are saying about you and your brand? Experience Analytics gives you the ability to understand everything your customers are saying quickly and in real time. Gain the insights needed to help steer product innovations, and drive more-effective customer service and marketing strategies.

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Experience Analytics Express

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a social media monitoring program? Experience Analytics Express is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use version of our Enterprise-class Experience Analytics solution. You can immediately begin listening to and engaging in social media and direct customer communications, helping you better serve your customers.

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