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KANA Express Latest Product News

The new KANA Express is here

We are excited to announce the latest release of KANA Express – our cloud-based multichannel contact and knowledge management solution. This release will put more power, capability and usability in the hands of all types of midsize businesses and customer service organizations.

Already known for its unique blend of sophistication, scalability and quick time-to-value, KANA Express is now even more responsive and adaptable - with a host of new features that enhance usability and empower you to deliver even better service.

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The new KANA Express gives you more

KANA Express Agent Experience unified agent desktop

More control

A modern, user-friendly interface for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers presents knowledge, help and next-best options automatically so agents can make fewer mouse clicks and save time while providing more consistent responses to customers.

KANA Express Reporting and Analytics

More insight

Enhanced service management with new levels of reporting and analytics, including a brand new, fully configurable business intelligence application.

KANA Express Web Experience Live Chat

More performance

Automatically displaying the most relevant and helpful information reduces effort for customers and agents. With KANA Express, even the content of a Live Chat is used by the knowledgebase to provide context and help your agents provide consistent answers and quick resolution.

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February 5, 2013

KANA Express Cloud Customer Service Solution Named CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year

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KANA Express Security

KANA Express offers omni-channel, cloud-based customer service software for midsize businesses and organizations. It provides a complete suite of customer contact and experience management solutions...

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KANA Experience Analytics Express

KANA Experience Analytics Express delivers insight from sentiment and trends within social media and direct-to-company feedback. It has several distinct advantages that enable customer-centric...

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KANA Express Emailing

KANA Express Emailing is a campaign management solution that provides tools to effectively manage ad hoc or campaign-based outbound contacts.

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KANA Express Overview

Midsize organizations need to deliver outstanding customer service at a lower cost to serve. KANA Express helps them do just that. KANA Express spans all customer experiences and unifies them with a...

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KANA Express Campaigns

Inbound and outbound calls managed effectively. With the KANA Express Campaigns module, you can manage campaign-related outbound calls simply and effectively. Paper scripts and calling lists belong...

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KANA Express Knowledge Management

Providing customers with an intelligent search solution not only equips them to answer their own questions, but also helps you gain invaluable information about their needs from their search behavior...

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KANA Express Implementation and Support Services

With experience gained from more than 200 implementations, KANA provides the highest standard of implementation services and support for your project. As a cloud-based solution, KANA Express does not...

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KANA Express Advanced Analytics

The problem faced by many organizations is not a lack of data, but an inability to turn that data into meaningful information. KANA Express Advanced Analytics aims to solve this problem by providing...

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KANA Express Call Management

Better and faster call handling is just a click away. The phone remains the most frequently used channel for customer contact; it’s quick, convenient and familiar. But answering questions by...

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KANA Express Email Management

Scalable email management integrated across service channels. Email is a heavily used channel for customer contact. It offers customers a quick and simple means of communication. It is also personal...

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KANA Express Live Chat

Engage online visitors with live chat. Your customers want to receive ever quicker answers to their questions. Waiting for an answer via email or on hold for a contact center agent is not always an...

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KANA Express Reporting and Analytics

Continuous improvement starts with knowing how you’re doing now. The whole point of providing great customer service is to attract and retain customers. That requires an investment in people,...

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KANA Express Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant that delivers Real Assistance. Your customers want to receive ever-quicker answers to their questions. Waiting for an answer via email or on hold for a contact center agent is not...

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KANA Express Web Self-Service

Intuitive Web Self-Service. Make it easy for customers to achieve their online goals whether they’re shopping, looking for information or seeking assistance. Customers will be more likely to...

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KANA Express Whitemail Management

Faster, better handling of fax, letter and in-person contacts. Reduce the time and costs of handling inbound letters and faxes as well as customer requests at the reception desk. KANA Express...

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June 11, 2013

Help Your Customers Help Themselves with Web Self-Service

Join us for a complimentary, 30 minute webinar to learn how to set up and manage effective WSS portal processes, guide customers to complete their own queries without the need for agent intervention, and reduce volume of incoming customer queries up to 30 to 50 percent.

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April 30, 2013

Get the Benefits of End-to-End Customer Service Enjoyed by the Enterprise, Now for the Mid-Market

KANA Express is fast to implement, and proven to fully scale so you can connect with your Customers, wherever they are, picking the Service channels you want to support now and add more in the future as needed. Join us for a complimentary, 30 minute webinar to learn how KANA Express uses its powerful and integrated central knowledge base to ensure rapid and consistent service delivery to all contacts, regardless of source.

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Forrester Technology Adoption Profile: Your Customers are Demanding Omni-Channel Communications. What are you Doing About it?

Consumers are changing how they communicate in their daily lives. Text-based communications via mobile devices, and the social Web in particular, are being used more and more by consumers as an...

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Customer Service Is…

KANA is 100% focused on customer service.

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Iain Daws' Sneak Peek into the New KANA Express

We are excited to announce the latest release of KANA Express – our cloud-based multichannel contact and knowledge management solution.

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