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Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions. clear benefits.

With KANA Customer Experience Management solutions for the cloud, you can leverage all the benefits that cloud technology offers, such as rapid deployment and rapid response to changing market conditions, or not having to worry about your IT resources and infrastructure. We can host and manage your KANA software solutions in a dedicated cloud environment. Or you can deploy KANA software solutions in your own private cloud. Manage them yourself or have us manage them—or simply take advantage of our leading-edge cloud-enabled SaaS services. Plus, transitioning to our on-premises solution from the cloud is seamless, and so is doing it in reverse. That means if your needs change, you can adapt efficiently and at less cost. Because that's what cloud means at KANA: Choice and flexibility for you.

Cloud Solutions

Get off the ground faster with KANA cloud solutions

KANA cloud solutions give you a running start on our end-to-end customer service software—speeding you to delivery of the customer experience you want for your customers. Because cloud infrastructure enables faster deployment and scalability in step with your needs, you’re able to respond to evolving customer pressures and business requirements faster than ever—no infrastructure, no IT resources and no up-front investments needed.

And if you choose to deploy our solutions in your own private cloud in keeping with your enterprise deployment requirements, you can still benefit from KANA Managed Services. Our professionals have extensive experience helping businesses of all sizes make the most of cloud infrastructure and KANA Customer Experience Management software.

Large-scale deployment or small, we’re always big on security

We meet the most stringent requirements for enterprise security. High-volume scalability with premium disaster recovery protection, and tried and tested load balancing and hot failover capabilities ensure uptime and reliable performance. Our global network is always on, ready to assist you with your system and software—whatever region or time zone.

To cloud or not to cloud? Problem defused

All our solutions are cloud-ready—and can be deployed in the cloud and on-premises. But more importantly, with KANA cloud solutions, you can start where you want to start, and go where you want to go. KANA offers a seamless transition from our hosted solutions to on-premises, and from on-premises to the cloud. With cloud subscription services, you can test the water before purchasing the platform or deploying it on-premises—a no-risk way to get started. And if you’re running it on-premises and decide you want your customer experience to run in the cloud—well, it’s the same system you’ll be using, which means that transition is fast and affordable.

Reduce complexity. Gain agility

Cloud reduces the complexity of managing your IT infrastructure, hence reducing costs. Systems management and application maintenance is made easier and updates are made simpler. From social listening and analytics to business process management, the cloud gives you agility.

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