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KANA Express Agent Experience

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Deliver knowledgeable, personalized service everytime

Knowledgeable service means giving agents accurate information about your products and services. Make it personal by providing ready access to that information in the context of the customer, their history with you and their specific inquiry. Do this every time across all service channels and you can differentiate your business through customer service.

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Agent Experience Solutions

Email Management

KANA Email Management helps Tilburg University reduce email volume by 45 percent

Customers have embraced the ease of sending emails. But, as the volume increases, it is easy to lose oversight and for emails to get lost. Give your agents the ability to deal with queries faster and more reliably, saving costs and improving agent efficiency.

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Call Management

Average Call wait time has been reduced to 15 seconds at Brabant Water

Save time and costs by presenting your agents with current information about your customer contacts across all channels. Agents are able to handle phone calls quickly and efficiently, and provide consistent, personalized service, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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KANA Express Campaigns help BINDINC leverage existing customer contacts for their outbound campaigns.

Help your agents manage multiple inbound and outbound call campaigns effectively with defined call scripts containing open, single- and multiple-choice questions. Easily compile call lists and manage calls the right way and in the right sequence, including call-back. This leads to faster execution of campaigns and increased sales.

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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Universal Electronics B.V. delivers consistent answers using KANA Express Knowledge Management

Give your contact center agents suggested answers to the query they are processing and you reduce handling time and ensure consistency. Agents are able to deal with queries faster and more reliably, reducing the need for rework and follow-up contact.

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Reporting and Analytics

DAS, one of the largest financial and legal service providers in the Netherlands, relies on Reporting and Analytics module to provide an insight into client circumstances and respond effectively.

You need continuous insight into how all the elements of your customer service organization are working to achieve your objectives. Get the answers you need by gaining insight into agent performance and SLA compliance, identifying which processes are running well and which need attention and plan ahead.

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Whitemail Management


GVB Amsterdam Amsterdam digitizes whitemail and manage it as another channel powered by KANA Express’ overall customer service solution.

Faxes, letters and customer visits all deserve the same high standards of service as online channels. They also provide critical information about your customers and their needs, but manually processing these contacts is time-consuming. Easily provide your staff with the same information and tools used to process email and phone contacts. Link faxes, letter mail and customer visits to the customer profile for a unified view of the customer that promotes efficient, consistent service across channels.

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