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Get Started with Customer Experience Management

Ready to transform your service experience?

What would taking control of the service experience mean for your business? Good experiences—that are on brand and on budget. But what actions do you need to take to get there? KANA is here to help you every step of the way:

1. Determine where you are…and where you want to be

How do you compare with the best in the Industry? Take a look at the service experiences your customers are having right now by taking our Service Experience Assessment. Find out in minutes how effective you are at delivering them.

Is it time to implement a social listening capability? Or do you really just need your agents to find the right answers the first time, when customers call in? The KANA Enterprise platform doesn't replace what's already working for you. It simply integrates with the technologies you have to solve whatever isn't.

2. Ask the right questions to find the right answers

Ready to make a list of capabilities you'll need? Get the ball rolling with our Customer Service RFI. Download now.

Or Use our Customer Service Metrics tool — and industry expertise—to determine which service metrics you should emphasize to better balance all your business objectives.

3. Need help making a business case?

What would five seconds less on a customer call mean in savings? For a fast answer to this question and others, try our complimentary, easy-to-use Business Value Calculator.

4. Rest easy

When you choose KANA solutions, you can count on good experiences all the way.

Global Consulting Service: We'll help you create a roadmap for success and assist with the measurement and validation of targeted business goals upon implementation.

Support: Never let technical difficulties get in the way of good service. Our experts and technicians are here to help. KANA offers a variety of support plans to meet your needs.

Partners: You can count on KANA expertise and support around the world through our global network of trusted partners.

Education: We offer extensive training and learning opportunities internationally, with professional instructors at our facilities or yours.