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LAGAN Experience Analytics

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Want to know what your citizens really think?

Do you want to know what your citizens are saying about the decisions you make and the services you deliver? Do you want to accurately track the topics being raised with your agents and more widely with other citizens via social media? Do you want to understand and explore the sentiment being expressed? Do you want to be able to quickly identify and participate in the most important conversations?

LAGAN Enterprise Experience Analytics is uniquely tuned to provide this actionable insight for Public Sector organizations, giving you the ability to strengthen citizen engagement, make better-informed decisions and measure the improvement in service delivery.

Want to know what your citizen's really think?

The growing social community

You care about developing and nurturing relationships within your government’s online communities in order to provide better service and improve citizen confidence in  local government. But the old ways of reading every email, community post and feedback form simply don’t scale – unless you have an army to handle the task, then assess and report on what it all means.

Also, you will have noticed that your citizens are increasingly talking about your services through social media. Anyone can participate in the dialogue about your perceived successes and failures through these channels. And they are beyond the control of the online websites you moderate. There's no controlling or moderating this group, but understanding what they are saying can inform you of public opinion on local initiatives and provides you with the option to engage in that discussion directly. However, as social media continues to grow, it is almost impossible to manually monitor, analyze and respond effectively to it all.

Now what do I do?

The most effective way to meet this challenge is through LAGAN Experience Analytics - an integrated citizen listening solution that:

  • Provides real-time analysis of the topics being discussed across both social media and your direct communication channels, such as online communities, email, surveys and chat
  • Continuously quantifies the topics, themes and sentiment of every single conversation
  • Helps identify major influencers based on speaker activity, centrality and sentiment
  • Delivers automated alerts, based on specific message content of your choosing, to provide relevant and timely insights to your team
  • Includes comprehensive reporting to enable valuable operational insights to be shared across with other departments

While listening and responding to citizens’ issues is important, engaging in dialogue and working with the community to share and shape ideas is also key. LAGAN Experience Analytics can be used to test and validate new service innovations and policy ideas. It will automatically track the community’s response and will ultimately provide an effective measure of the improvement in citizens’ perception of your services and policies over time.

How does it work?

LAGAN Experience Analytics includes a highly scalable, natural language processing engine that is optimized to read and analyze millions of comments per day. It continuously collects and reports citizen sentiment from the channels you select: tweets, discussion forums, review sites, fan pages, email, SMS text, Facebook pages, forms, surveys and any other citizen - or social media - generated content.

Customizable dashboards help you to understand the hot topics of conversation as well as the aggregated tone, sentiment and volume of chatter for any site, author or topic involving your government, departments, elected officials or council members. Users can click on any metric to see the most representative comments that best describe the other thousands or millions of comments for that topic. The integrated listening system can even help distinguish “seeded” comments from authentic citizen responses.

LAGAN Experience Analytics is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, so it can be fully operational in just days without the need for a major IT installation.

LAGAN Experience Analytics is the solution for accurately tracking citizen conversations across social media and direct channels. It delivers rich, relevant and timely insights that will have a wide-ranging and positive impact on policy-making and service delivery.