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LAGAN Social Experience

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Citizen social media listening and engagement.

The digital citizen is always connected, communicating with family, friends and co-workers on social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. He or she may or may not report an issue to your government customer service team, but the digital citizen is tweeting about the increasing number of potholes in the neighborhood or posting on Facebook that garbage was not picked up this week by the city.

LAGAN Experience Analytics makes social media an integrated and strategic part of your customer experience—a platform for building trust and an effective channel for servicing and engaging customers.

LAGAN Enterprise Social Experience

Social Experience Solutions

LAGAN Experience Analytics

LAGAN Experience Analytics allows you to gain invaluable insights by analyzing what people are saying about you in social networks, Web forums, blog posts, news feeds, email messages and Web feedback forms. And it enables you to take action, separating issues that are urgent from those that are not and route them for targeted engagement and faster response.
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LAGAN Experience Analytics Express

Analyze social media and direct customer conversation channels, such as email, surveys and Web feedback for topics, sentiment and trends. Start understanding what your customers are saying across all touchpoints quickly and with ease.
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