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LAGAN Local Government Software

Turbulent Times for Local Government

A fragile global economy, combined with increasing levels of government debt, means that Local Government organizations must deliver unprecedented cost savings, quickly.

To make things even harder, citizens are demanding better services and, through social media, have found a new, powerful voice that they can use to scrutinize spending decisions and highlight service failures.

Against this backdrop, Local Government organizations are compelled to change and must invest in a way that delivers measurable benefits with certainty. KANA’s software for local government provides that certainty in these turbulent times.

Turbulent Times for Local Government

You could cut costs and keep your citizens happy

Imagine if you could...

  • Meet your budget targets
  • Realize benefits in months rather than years
  • Give citizens what they want in a way that actually helps you
You could cut costs AND keep your citizens happy.

KANA Software for Local Government

Based on the Lagan platform, KANA’s Local Government software delivers a powerful blend of case management, business process management, knowledge management, real time analytics and social media capabilities.

Proven integrations with a wide range of back-office systems makes the streamlining of services possible across multiple departments. This provides consistent, relevant and timely information to your front and back office teams.

These capabilities and integrations are accessible through a variety of channels to both employees and citizens, who can connect how they want, when they want.

Taken together, KANA’s software solution for Local Government not only enables public sector organizations to deliver cost efficiencies but it also enables you to give your citizens what they want.

KANA for Local Government

Built for the way local government operates

KANA is the leading local government CRM software provider in the UK, North America and Australia. The Lagan product suite has received the highest possible rating by Gartner for an unprecedented four years running.

Our Local Government expertise has enabled us to extend our capabilities beyond the contact center and into online government including the web, mobile and social media. As a result, our customers can accelerate their channel shift strategy in order to deliver improved service at lower cost.

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A Government to Citizen platform. For Today and Tomorrow.

Designed by industry experts

The Lagan product suite was built by a team of industry experts with hundreds of collective years of experience in customer relationship management, service delivery and government agency leadership. Our customers realize the value this expertise brings and are our best advocates.


Self-sufficiency is a core philosophy that underpins the development of every Lagan Local Government software application. This ease of configuration enables business users to quickly tailor their implementation and respond to changes in citizen or regulatory demands, freeing them from a reliance on IT.

This self sufficiency approach minimizes Total Cost of Ownership, reduces Time to Value and maximizes Return on Investment.

Market leaders

  • The Lagan product suite has received the highest possible rating by Gartner for an unprecedented four years running.
  • Strong history of successful software deployments — on time and on budget — for more than 200 local government customers

Thought leaders

  • Industry visionary with local government software applications for new social media, smartphone apps and other citizen service channels
  • At the forefront of the Open311 initiative (open government)