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LAGAN Open311

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Bombarded with issues from third party apps you didn't procure?

In today's digital age, mobile and Web apps have arisen that allow citizens to 'crowd source' government issues, which many citizens assume have been sanctioned by government.

Unfortunately, in many cases, they haven't been sanctioned by government. Worse, government isn't even aware of them or set up to transact with them efficiently, resulting in frustration for the citizen and government.

The Open311 standard was created primarily to address this issue, providing an 'intelligent glue' that allows such apps to be connected to government seamlessly.

Bombarded with issues from 3rd party apps you didn't procure?

LAGAN Enterprise Open311 brings order to the chaos that these apps would otherwise bring for citizens and government, providing an implementation of the Open311 standard.

LAGAN Open311 is part the KANA next-generation self-service solution that enables secure non-mediated access to government services across multiple electronic channels, including the Web, smartphone and Open311 APIs.

Whereas LAGAN Mobile enables government to control access to their services and brand through their own mobile app, LAGAN Open311 provides the same level of control, but with other mobile apps.

Bringing order to chaos

The growing number of third-party Web sites and apps available to report government issues provides citizens with a choice they didn't even have a year or so ago - the ability to report issues using non-government procured systems. While this can seem to be a serious problem, it is clear that it provides citizens with choice, whic,h provided it can be managed efficiently, is a good thing.

Open Standard, Designed for Mobile

The Open311 standard is designed primarily for mobile use and, therefore, takes advantage of the common features of popular smartphones, such as using photos and GPS to support the precise description and location of street-based issues, such as potholes, graffiti and street light outages.

The built-in ability for citizens to track the resolution of their issue, without the need to call the contact center, helps minimize any impact on call volumes.

Get requests to the right people at the right time

Seamless integration with the rest of the LAGAN product suite guarantees that all requests bypass the contact center. Intelligent routing, based on levels of authority and service delivery targets, ensures that issues are reported instantly to the responsible team.

Save Money with unique channel shift features

LAGAN Open311 is designed to drive channel shift and cost-saving strategies. LAGANOpen311 supports local government organizations that decide to give their citizens a wider choice of mobile app options by enabling integration between third-party mobile apps and LAGAN Enterprise.

A requirement of local government customer service organizations is to determine if a request for service is within their jurisdiction. LAGAN Open311 automatically rejects out-of-boundary reports based on the reported address, which is converted to geo-coordinates and validated against your LAGAN Open311 boundary definition.

LAGAN Open311 has additional extensions that support specific features within LAGAN Mobile, including field validation and support for payment processes.

A hosted application that takes full advantage of your existing systems

LAGAN Open311 is part of the LAGAN product suite and is designed to leverage your existing LAGAN-enabled processes and integrations. You can mobilize almost any existing LAGAN processes, linking seamlessly with your existing system.

The app provides geographical information in a format that your in-house location-based GIS system will understand. This ensures that existing downstream processes will continue to work as expected and issues are pinpointed accurately.

And, because it's hosted, you don't need any additional hardware or software. We run the service for you in the cloud.

Part of a suite of LAGAN self-service applications

LAGAN Open311 is part of a suite of LAGAN self-service applications that support channel shift strategies via the Web, mobile and social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook. They have been designed to help our Public Sector customers respond to the combined challenges of budget cuts and the increasing citizen demand for access to services while online and on the move.

Discover the Features

  • Provides access to LAGAN Enterprise from any Open311-compliant application, including Facebook sites, smartphone applications and Web applications
  • Enforces geographic boundaries to reject service requests outside of your jurisdiction
  • Supports mobile payments via PayPalTM for “payment by reference” process types, such as property tax/rates payments, permit renewals, license renewals and donations
  • Supports adding GPS coordinates and multiple photos to a service request
  • Supports form field validation
  • Connects to LAGAN Enterprise through a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription, no onsite software required

Experience the Results

  • Supports any Open311-compliant applications, providing expanded choices to customers
  • Drives channel shift and cost-saving strategies
  • Get requests to the right staff at the right time
  • Works with existing location-based GIS systems

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