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LAGAN Enterprise Latest Product News

The new LAGAN Enterprise is here

KANA is proud to announce the latest capabilities of the LAGAN Enterprise customer service suite for public sector organizations, designed to address the demands of the digital customer and the continued tightening of government budgets.

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LAGAN Enterprise New Capabilities

LAGAN 14R1 New Features

LAGAN 14R1 New Features

Released on January 14, this major new release - LAGAN Enterprise 14R1 - enables you, the Public Sector, to fully unlock the economic value that can be derived from your "digital first" strategies.

LAGAN Knowledge Management

LAGAN Knowledge Management

LAGAN Knowledge Management features an all-new Knowledge platform and authoring interface that offers improved speed, flexibility and knowledge authoring functionality.

LAGAN Enterprise Employee Mobile

LAGAN Employee Mobile

LAGAN Employee Mobile allows public sector workers to easily view, accept, update and close cases while in the field, for streamlined mobilization and coordination of field resources.

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January 14, 2014

KANA Announces Latest LAGAN Enterprise Release Answering Call for Secure Government Access, World-Class Service and Lower Costs in “Digital First” Era

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June 24, 2013

Social Housing Landlords Fear Potential for Mass Rental Arrears

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LAGAN Enterprise Solution Description

This document defines the functionality, features and benefits of the LAGAN Enterprise product suite.

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LAGAN Enterprise Agent Desktop

LAGAN Agent Desktop is uniquely tuned to the Public Sector’s requirement. It puts your agents on the path to success by giving them a clear view of their next steps, whatever direction a...

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LAGAN Enterprise Knowledge Management

LAGAN Knowledge Management delivers the right knowledge through context.  Most knowledge management engines emphasize the query –  the handful of words a user chooses to type but, in...

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LAGAN Enterprise Employee Mobile

LAGAN Employee Mobile allows public sector workers to easily view,  accept, update and close cases while in the field, improving worker efficiency  and the accuracy of SLA response metrics...

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LAGAN Enterprise Customer Mobile

The phenomenal rate of growth of smartphone and tablet adoption shows no sign of easing. Increasingly customers expect to use a mobile device to access the Internet, make payments, make service...

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LAGAN Enterprise Open311

LAGAN Open311 allows public sector organizations to seamlessly and efficiently connect Lagan and compliant third-party mobile and Web apps to their LAGAN Enterprise implementation so their issues can...

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LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence

Traditionally, the problem faced by many organizations is not a lack of data, but of the inability to turn that data into meaningful information. LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence is uniquely...

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LAGAN Enterprise Experience Analytics

Social media has changed the way government interacts with citizens.  Public sector service organizations need to listen, monitor and analyze citizen interaction on social media, as well as use...

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LAGAN Enterprise Integration Adaptors

LAGAN Enterprise was architected from the ground up around “Service Oriented Architecture” principles to be an open system, allowing it to integrate with multiple systems and, in turn, be...

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LAGAN Enterprise Web Self-Service

"Digital First" channel strategies through Web, mobile and social interactions have introduced direct customer benefits through flexibility, anytime, anywhere availability and lower service...

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February 20, 2014

The New LAGAN Web Self-Service 14R1

Join us for part two of our LAGAN Enterprise webinar series to discover how agencies can cost effectively improve and increase availability of online services in alignment with best practice data security and privacy protocols.

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February 6, 2014

The New LAGAN Enterprise 14R1

Join us for part one of our webinar series, designed for future LAGAN customers and partners, and experience the key driving themes behind the latest LAGAN Enterprise release.

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May 25, 2016

Executive Networking at the Verint Engage Conference

As mentioned in a recent blog post by Laurie Wickham, Verint’s Engage global customer conference begins June 27th in Chicago. Check out the agenda to see what’s being planned—including over 100 breakout sessions, 11 user groups, and eight themes.   The 3rd annual Verint Executive Summit will also take place during Engage.  The summit will be hosted by a leading industry analyst and attendees will... Read more »

May 24, 2016

Facing Difficult Choices, Banks? Do the Math

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” Or, “If it was that easy, anyone could do it.” We all want to keep our customers happy. And, we also want to protect our organization’s bottom line. So what do you do when doing what your customers want is expensive? Take a step back and do the math. Removing emotion from the decision and relying on objective data is critical if you want to provide a... Read more »

May 20, 2016

The Game of Authentication and Fraud Detection

Balancing information security with consumer demands for speed is an increasing and rather daunting challenge. While the need to provide fast service is real—and customer loyalty may depend on it—identity theft is on the rise and must be addressed. How do organizations balance the two? Recently I spoke with Contact Centres about how voice biometrics helps address the balancing act required in... Read more »

May 20, 2016

Want Engaged Employees? Self-Enable—Don’t Micro-Manage

Most of us who have been in the workforce for a while have worked with a micro-manager. It’s not a comfortable situation.  They mean well and are only trying to ensure the work gets done on time, accurately, and with little waste. However, their need for control and constant updates is counterproductive; in fact, it corrodes trust and reduces employee engagement and productivity instead of... Read more »

May 20, 2016

Ventana Research Requests Your Input In Workforce Optimization Market Research Study

Ventana Research is seeking Workforce Optimization professionals to participate in a market research study to create a detailed picture of the current state and future direction of workforce optimization (WFO) use in organizations, as well as best practices that can save organizations resources and time. In today’s intensely competitive markets, companies must strive to meet customer expectations... Read more »

May 13, 2016

A Digital First Strategy Roadmap

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I don’t think I know of any government organization that hasn’t established some form of digital-first strategy. However, many will admit they have a long way to go before they achieve digital nirvana. The idea of a digital-first strategy roadmap can be daunting, especially when there is somewhat of a scarcity of digital skills in government. To help... Read more »

Change Case Type

LAGAN Agent Desktop now supports easy case reclassification with automated updating of case SLA and queue assignment.

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Email and Agent Desktop Light

KANA is proud to announce the next generation of KANA Enterprise, delivering customer service by design.

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New Integration Capabilities

LAGAN Enterprise has new integration capabilities that support multi-channel end-to-end business processes.

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Web Self-Service Case Management

LAGAN Web Self-Service delivers anytime, anywhere access to services.

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LAGAN Agent Desktop

LAGAN Agent Desktop now supports retrospective case creation and closure, important capabilities that improve SLA accuracy and service goal metrics.

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