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LAGAN Employee Mobile

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Give mobile employees the tools to work faster, smarter and better.

Public Sector service organizations who utilize mobile service apps for their field employees typically have lower operating expenses, better productivity, higher SLA compliance, and great customer and employee satisfaction.

LAGAN Enterprise Employee Mobile allows public sector workers to easily manage cases while in the field, for streamlined mobilization and coordination of field resources.

LAGAN Enterprise Employee Mobile

Easily Connect Field Employees

Public sector employees who are in the field resolving customer issues are the most expensive part of any government budget and are often coordinated through ineffective paper or dispatch-driven processes.

LAGAN Employee Mobile users can perform a variety of actions while out of the office. Users can easily access their My Cases list to see all assigned cases. By clicking on an item in the My Cases list, users can browse relevant high-level information on their cases. Users can open a case and see a list of possible case actions relevant to the type of case. When handling a case from their My Cases list, users can view existing notes and photos, add notes and photos, reassign to another queue or close the case. To maximize the number of cases that can be addressed within a local area during a single trip, users can plot their cases on a map to determine how far they are located from these case locations.

Real-Time Updates Improve Productivity

Because LAGAN Employee Mobile provides real-time updates, employees can check their cases upon arrival at the service location to see if the case or work order is still in effect. If the case was closed while the employee was in transit, the employee can use LAGAN Employee Mobile to move on to his next assignment, or the user can browse a list of available cases and choose to take an unassigned case by adding it to his My Cases list.

Improve SLA Adherence

Sometimes, a case needs to be reallocated to a different department once an employee analyzes the situation. For example, a Roads department team goes to a location to fill a pothole, but instead finds a hole created by a broken water or sewer line. LAGAN Employee Mobile allows users to reassign the case to the responsible department. This type of real-time update significantly reduces the overall length of time before this type of case is resolved, improving SLA adherence. Let’s say this Road department team finds a different pothole on the same street. Using LAGAN Employee Mobile, one of the team members can easily create a new case, mark the location on a map, attach a photo and close out the case before leaving the site.

No Connection? No Problem.

If an employee enters an area with poor mobile connectivity, LAGAN Employee Mobile supports updating existing cases and creating new cases while offline. These updates are synched with LAGAN Enterprise once mobile connective is established. If a device battery is drained or the device is broken, LAGAN Employee Mobile users can easily switch between different mobile devices simply by downloading and logging in using their LAGAN ID and password. 

Discover the Features

  • Browse high-level case information
  • My Cases assignment list
  • Plot case locations on a map
  • Create, update, reallocate and close cases
  • Accept unassigned cases
  • Offline mode
  • Configurable mobile case forms
  • Supports Apple® iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and AndroidTM OS devices

Experience the Results

  • Saves money by improving field employee efficiency by delivering citizen submitted case images and location information
  • Improves customer satisfaction through timely information updates including case closure
  • Improves accuracy of SLA metrics

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