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LAGAN Customer Mobile

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Citizens are on the move. Meet their expectations in the digital age.

The phenomenal rate of growth of smartphone and tablet adoption shows no sign of easing. Our Public Sector customers are keen to explore how to best harness mobile technology to better understand and respond to customers' needs, and run their service operations more effectively.

LAGAN Enterprise Customer Mobile helps our customers achieve this goal by providing them with the ability to quickly and easily launch a self-branded app that their customers can download at no charge, and use to report and track issues while on the move.

Citizens are on the move. Meet their expectations in the digital age.

Managing the Clutter

With the growing number of websites and apps available to report issues in your area, the challenge of accessing and responding effectively to these requests gets more difficult by the day, particularly since, without our Open311 option, these requests come into you as inefficient-to-process emails. LAGAN Customer Mobile provides an opportunity to brand and launch your own free mobile app for reporting street and non-street issues.

Your App, Your Way

LAGAN Customer Mobile takes advantage of the common features of popular mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allowing customers to use photos and GPS to support the precise description and location of street-based issues, such as potholes, graffiti and street light outages. LAGAN Customer Mobile allows customers to attach multiple photos, providing you with improved information.

Publicizing your app through your normal channels will encourage your customers to use your app - the one that best integrates with your systems and supports your processes. This can improve citizen engagement, particularly, but not exclusively, with the younger segments of the community where smartphone adoption rates are high.

The built-in ability for customers to track the resolution of, or be proactively notified of progress on, their issue, without the need to call the contact center, helps minimize any impact on call volumes.

Communicating with the Digital Citizen - Anytime, Anywhere

LAGAN Customer Mobile is an app that enables customers to have two-way communication with their local government for reporting of issues or paying for services.

LAGAN Customer Mobile allows customers to report issues, such as potholes, graffiti and street light outages, directly to their local government. Citizen reports are logged as cases in LAGAN Enterprise. Once logged, customers receive notifications within LAGAN Customer Mobile of successful submission and the associated case numbers. SLA information and status updates, including case closure, are automatically sent and updated within LAGAN Customer Mobile so customers may track the progress and results of their issues.

Connected to Lagan Enterprise using Open311

LAGAN Customer Mobile is designed to work seamlessly with LAGAN Open311, enabling local governments to centrally manage and update the issue types and associated submission forms, and have those changes pushed to LAGAN Customer Mobile users. This capability allows local governments to expand and refine the services offered through LAGAN Customer Mobile and make rapid changes in the event of an emergency.

Requests to the Right People at the Right Time

Seamless integration with the rest of the LAGAN product suite guarantees that all requests bypass the contact center. Intelligent routing, based on levels of authority and service delivery targets, ensures that issues are reported instantly to the responsible team.

Mobile Payments via PayPalTM

A recent IDC Financial Insights report, "Business Strategy: Results from the 2012 Consumer Payments Survey," found that 33.9 percent of consumers make purchases with their mobile phone. LAGAN Customer Mobile enables your government organization to offer electronic payments for a variety of services, such as fines, permit renewals or charitable donations. Transactions are securely executed through PayPal.

Take Full Advantage of your Existing Systems

LAGAN Customer Mobile is part of the LAGAN product suite and is designed to leverage your existing LAGAN-enabled processes and integrations. You can mobilize almost any existing LAGAN processes and, unlike other smartphone and mobile apps, yours will link seamlessly with your existing system.

The app provides geographical information in a format that your in-house location-based GIS system will understand. This ensures that existing downstream processes will continue to work as expected and issues are pinpointed accurately.

And, because it’s hosted, you don’t need any additional hardware or software. We run the service for you in the cloud.

Smarter, Cleaner, Safer Streets - Everyone Benefits

Improved Citizen Satisfaction and Engagement: The modern user interface will encourage customers to use the app to report issues when they see them. More immediate and accurate reporting of issues will enable your teams to find out about, prioritize and resolve critical issues quickly.

Reduced Cost to Serve: Smartphones and tablets accelerate the move away from more expensive face-to-face and voice channels while automatic updates are “pushed” to LAGAN Customer Mobile to reduce avoidable contacts.

Part of a Suite of LAGAN Self-Service Applications

LAGAN Customer Mobile is part of a suite of LAGAN self-service applications that support Channel Shift strategies via the Web, mobile and social media applications, such as Twitter and Facebook. They have been designed to help our Public Sector customers respond to the combined challenges of budget cuts and the increasing citizen demand for access to services while online and on the move.

Discover the Features

  • Customers can easily:
    • start a new report
    • set location using GPS mapping
    • attach multiple images
    • complete report form based on type of report
    • submit report instantly or asynchronously when network connectivity is available
    • receive status updates on all submitted reports
    • make payments or donations
    • receive emergency notifications
  • Configurable with your organization’s branding
  • Supports Apple® iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and AndroidTM OS devices
  • App published through Apple® iTunes Store® and Google PlayTM
  • Define geographic boundaries to reject service requests outside of your jurisdiction
  • Connects to LAGAN Enterprise through LAGAN Open311 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), no onsite software required

Experience the Results

  • Promotes channel-shift, reducing interaction costs
  • Mobile self-service transactions are significantly less expensive, typically assigned to the right department through automated routing
  • GPS location and visual images improve the ability of service departments to triage requests and to arrive at the correct location
  • Enables your customers to be your sensors, crowdsourcing issues anytime, anywhere
  • Empowers customers with relevant information and status updates, delivering consistent information and transparency

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