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LA County Dept. of Social Services

Handling 2 million participants and 1.6 million cases handled annually.

For Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services, the sheer volume of program participants demands efficiency. The KANA LAGAN solutions for government are providing it.

2 million participants. 1.6 million cases handled annually.

The Challenge

Los Angeles County's Department of Public Social Services serves more people through its public assistance programs than any other jurisdiction with the exception of the states of California and New York. Staff evaluating eligibility at the call center needed better access to records to keep up with the immense volume of cases. The department set out to improve operational efficiency and better the overall customer service experience.

The Stats

  • 99% customer satisfaction survey rates
  • Six months from contract signature to implementation and initial roll-out
  • Currently the customer service center supports eight district offices
  • Monthly call volume for the eight districts: 190,000 of which approximately half are handled by service reps. Monthly tracking tickets: over 74,000. Combined caseload 195,000.
  • Will be rolled out to all 36 LA County district offices

The KANA Approach

KANA LAGAN Solutions enable the county’s service reps direct access to over a million case records while fielding live calls in the contact center. Key to the solution was the integration of the KANA LAGAN call center system with the department's existing eligibility evaluation and reporting software. In addition, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system gives callers 24-hour access to their case status and benefit amounts. It also screens calls that are purely informational before they would otherwise reach agents. And thanks to a well-developed knowledge base and user-friendly system, approximately half of the calls received can be handled by service reps without creating additional tasks for case workers.

The solution components were rolled out in waves, initially providing a centralized call center for the San Gabriel Valley District Office with a staff of 86 and a volume of 30,000 cases. It now reaches eight district offices with a combined volume of 400,000 cases. Ultimately the service roll-out will touch some 6,000 case workers and 6-800 service reps.

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