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LAGAN Business Intelligence

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Make better, more informed decisions.

Traditionally, the problem faced by many organizations is not a lack of data, but a lack of ability to turn that data into meaningful information.

LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence is uniquely tuned to the Public Sector’s requirement and solves this problem by providing analysis, reporting and data mining capabilities for the data within the LAGAN product suite.

Make 'better' more informed business decisions based.

Supports your business intelligence strategy

LAGAN Business Intelligence supports the main Business Intelligence processes, including:

  • Strategic, including corporate performance management (CPM) and data mining
  • Tactical, including Intraday reporting operations
  • Historical, including enterprise reporting

And is supported by features, including:

  • Dedicated BI Data Mart
  • Pre-built extract transform and load (ETL) mechanism
  • 50 out-of-the-box enterprise reports
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology

Business intelligence delivers better information

LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence provides the technology to support the process of collecting and analyzing business information. It aims to help people make “better” business decisions by making accurate, current and relevant information available to them when they need it.

Traditionally, the problem faced by most organizations is not a lack of data, but of the inability to turn that data into meaningful information. Business intelligence aims to solve this problem by providing analysis, reporting and data mining capabilities with this information. It helps organizations answer some of the questions that are commonly asked of them, such as “How are we doing?”, “What is going to save us time and money?”, “What will help us to improve customer service?” or “What government directives do we need to comply with, and are we?”

LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence supports a variety of business intelligence operations, including trend analysis, performance measurement and enterprise reporting. It is pre-integrated with the LAGAN product suite, thereby delivering instant value to KANA customers.

Empowers business users

Most organizations fail to turn their data into meaningful information because they lack the technological expertise to design and build a solution.

LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence was designed to empower business users from “day 1” to leverage the underlying powerful analytical features through a simplified user interface and the use of a business friendly “Reporting Model.”

Empowers IT users

In addition, LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence is also designed for the IT user who is capable of going further than typical business users, providing pre-built OLAP cubes that enable deeper analysis.

Designed for scale and performance

LAGAN Enterprise Business Intelligence is designed with scalability and performance in mind, underpinned by a dedicated data mart that is populated by a pre-built ETL mechanism configured to minimize the load on the LAGAN production system. As a result, reporting is up to 20-times faster when compared to direct database reporting.

Discover the features

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that enables you to easily create visually appealing dashboards
  • Comprehensive alert functions to alert you of changes that require your immediate attention
  • Dynamic charts that provide a visual representation of data for easy comprehension
  • Easy and fast report creation and customization using a coding-free interface
  • Organized step list to retrace all actions performed on a report, providing you the confidence to try new ways to analyze and view data.
  • Quick export to Excel and XML for easy collaboration
  • Integrate with MS Office Sharepoint Server (MOSS)

Experience the results

  • Improve the decision-making process (quality and relevance)
  • Speed up of decision-making process
  • Respond to user needs for availability of data on timely basis
  • Produce a single, unified view of enterprise information
  • Share information with a wider audience

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