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LAGAN Agent Experience

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A better agent experience yields productivity improvements.

Improved agent effectiveness and efficiency reduces operational costs and boosts customer satisfaction. Designed exclusively for public sector customer service, LAGAN Enterprise transforms your contact center into an efficient hub for omni-channel engagement. LAGAN Agent Desktop integrates all of the tools agents need to deliver fast, effective customer service. Designed with deep contextual awareness, the LAGAN Agent Experience is one where multiple channels are easy to navigate, and next steps and answers display dynamically at your agents’ fingertips.

LAGAN Enterprise Agent Experience

Agent Experience Solutions

LAGAN Agent Desktop

This is the one place for all your agent tools—a desktop where customer context and business processes drive knowledge and answers, where channels are integrated and where agents have a complete view of the customer. Let your agents focus on providing good service, not on navigating their service tools.

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LAGAN Knowledge Management

Knowledge sources are brought together and deeply integrate with the agent workflow. Rather than search siloed information, agents have targeted access to your knowledge eco-system from every channel, helping them reach the best answer in the shortest time possible.

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LAGAN Integration Adaptors

LAGAN Enterprise provides key out-of-the box integration adaptors, including the LAGAN Enterprise CTI Enablement Adaptor, our ESRI Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Adaptor and the Northgate Revenues and Benefits adaptor. Additionally, LAGAN Enterprise supports more than 500 customer integrations to a wide variety of city work order management, asset and housing systems, including CityWorks and Capterra.

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LAGAN Business Intelligence

LAGAN Business Intelligence supports a variety of business intelligence operations, including trend analysis, performance measurement and enterprise reporting. It is pre-integrated with LAGAN Enterprise, thereby delivering instant value to our customers.

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