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LAGAN Agent Desktop

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Guide your agents every step of the way.

LAGAN Enterprise Agent Desktop is uniquely tuned to the Public Sector’s requirement. It puts your agents on the path to success by giving them a clear view of their next steps, whatever direction a customer takes.

LAGAN Agent Desktop enables accuracy and consistency across agents and service channels, reducing the cost to serve by increasing first-call resolution and reducing call-handling times.

Your agents' work processes are only as connected as your resources

While agents navigate between a multitude of systems and applications, you're paying in increased handling time and customers frustration.

Without control of agent workflows, you're not in control of the service your customers are getting. Time is lost while agents alt-tab their way through disconnected applications, copy and paste across systems, and search siloed information.

LAGAN Agent Desktop gives customer service managers and agents the control needed to provide accurate answers and consistently good experiences. Because Agents now need to only learn one unifying application, training times for new staff are dramatically reduced. Agents access information and functionalities, including external systems, in the unified desktop, and context-sensitive knowledge can be injected into each process as it is executed — providing knowledge-infused processes.

A seamless agent-to-customer experience

Scripted interactive call flows direct agents quickly to the service or information required and dynamically adjust according to the particular requirements of each caller. As handling time goes down, customer satisfaction goes up. Script flows are easy to design and deploy by business-level staff, not IT staff.

Designed for good experiences. Built for continuous improvement

Design and deploy straightforward scripted call flows and efficient, personalized service experiences. Listen to feedback and respond to change in minutes — in tune with government policies, customers’ demands and your budget.

Ease of use

When your agent's next moves are clear, service is fast and professional. The LAGAN Agent Desktop puts all the relevant options and information in a single unified desktop — gone are time-consuming searches and ad hoc processes. Because processes are configured by you to follow best practice, mouse clicks and menu pull-downs are minimized. With the answers right in front of them, agent productivity goes up and training costs go down.

Universal contact history

The LAGAN Agent Desktop provides a unified view of customer contact histories across communication channels. Individual activities come across clearly so that agents can pinpoint problems and offer the best possible response.

Knowledge-infused processes

When used with LAGAN Knowledge Management, LAGAN Agent Desktop enables “in context” seamless launching of processes and scripted call flows.

Call flow designer

Use robust scripted call flow templates or design your own. Logical, practical flows put agents in charge of the service they're providing. The result is friendly, professional service and satisfied customers. When business or customers’ needs change, simply add new directions to the call flow yourself.

Business rules

Use configurable business rules to tailor your customer interactions to the specific needs of your customers. Each process could follow a completely different path to others depending on the customer state. And important issues about a customer account can be visibly flagged up to agents in context to the process being followed.

Case management designer

A key part of government service delivery is the support for hundreds - sometimes thousands - of services, each with their own service-level agreement (SLA) and fulfillment processes. The creation and ongoing maintenance of these is simple and aimed at business users.

Discover the features

  • Unified access to all required applications, information and channels
  • Easy and effective case handling with monitored SLAs
  • Integrated with Knowledge Management
  • Contextual search for information
  • Management of interactions with clients across different channels
  • Receive (via KANA Experience Analytics) and respond to social messages including Twitter, Facebook and online forums

Experience the results

  • Increased first-time resolution and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced agents effort to improve their performance/ productivity
  • Reduction of call-handling time
  • Reduced training time and cost
  • Increased agent satisfaction and reduced agent turnover

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