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Customer Service for Utilities and Energy

Utilities and Energy

Customer service is no longer a "nice to have." It's a regulatory requirement!

Transform your customer experience and deliver regulatory compliance.

Challenges and Solutions

Within the utilities sector, aging technology is struggling to keep pace with the customer, the marketplace, shareholder expectations and, increasingly, regulatory demands. In addition, legacy systems are costly to maintain and monumental to replace. What appears to be an IT problem is really a customer experience problem.

Wrap and renew

Aging technology is not just an IT issue. It is also a customer experience issue leading to poor customer service performance and delays. Don’t rip and replace; just wrap and renew.

Prepare for industry regulation

Customer service is now a regulatory requirement in many countries. Make sure your organization is ready.

Embrace omnichannel service

Organizations must deliver customer service via the customer's channel of choice — Web, mobile, social, chat, email or voice. Exceptional customer service starts with omnichannel capabilities.

Handle new competition

Increased competition from smaller, younger organizations that are sensibly focused on customer service in a market sector with few other product differentiators. Empower your organization to handle this challenge.

Improve customer data

It's difficult to create a holistic view of the customer with data located in multiple repositories. A central knowledge base provides quick, accurate information.

Increase agent productivity

Agents struggle to provide exceptional service while navigating multiple business applications. A unified employee desktop makes agents more efficient, leading to improved customer service.

See how KANA can transform your customer experience and deliver regulatory compliance.

Customer Success



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KANA’s advanced case handling capabilities have allowed us to significantly improve the way we manage work across the business. Cases are easier to handle and are closed quicker, meaning interactions are more efficient for us and our customers. Neil Clitheroe, Director of Customer Service
The project was delivered on time and within budget. KANA was instrumental in the delivery and implementation of most of the project initiative and we are obtaining the return on our investment. Jann Davis, Project Manager
We have focused entirely on our people and processes and with KANA, we have been able to strip out waste and improve the customer experience. Gabriel Kgabo, Customer Services Manager

Industry Verticals


Due to their size and history, established energy companies face a number of IT challenges like outdated legacy systems that are not faced by their smaller, younger competitors.. Regulation, rising prices and empowered, increasingly demanding customers have made customer service the number one issue in the energy sector.

Case study: Bruce Power is saving millions by consolidating information with KANA.
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Case study: ScottishPower reduced complaints by 30 percent in one year.
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The water industry is moving from overreliance on expensive customer service channels to provide additional digital and self-service options. Water industry leaders are those that best integrate their customer channels with their internal business processes.

Case study: Brabant Water achieved industry certification and reduced average phone wait times to just 15 seconds.
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