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Customer Service Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality

Thrive in a world of stiff competition and increasing customer choice

Win your customers' loyalty with optimal service

Challenges and Solutions

The Travel and Hospitality industries are competitive and fast-moving. It’s never been easier to find and compare hotel rooms, travel fares, dining experiences or vacations. Direct customer engagement and great service are critical to acquiring and retaining customers and that's precisely where KANA can help.

Stand out from the crowd

Customers have several options when booking a hotel room or planning a vacation. Why should they choose you? KANA solutions help you engage with your customers, improving experiences and satisfaction, enhancing your brand, generating business and making you the first choice for more customers.

Go beyond multichannel, move to omnichannel

Complex bookings often take place in stages across multiple contact points, making it difficult to maintain the continuity of these interactions. KANA provides true omni-channel solutions that provide complete, contextual and consistent information about every customer and every interaction.

Keep your customers

50 percent of potential customers will go elsewhere when it gets too difficult to do what they want. KANA solutions ensure that each interaction leads smoothly and easily to the right outcome regardless of channel, keeping customers coming back for more.

Increase revenue and margins

Customers will happily pay for smooth, reliable service, and improving productivity contributes to improved margins. KANA will help you deliver best-in-industry service levels with quick responses, high levels of first contact resolution and increased conversion rates, helping keep costs down and revenue up.

Smooth out the bumps

Customer requirements can be complex, fast-moving and fluid, so joined-up data and services are essential to providing rapid and personalized remedies. All KANA solutions feature powerful yet easy integration to your back-office and operational systems, ensuring that the right steps are taken and the correct advice and assistance is always given.

Understand what your customers really want

In a world where personalized service really counts, listening to the voice of your customers is the best way to tune into and deliver what they really value. Social listening and voice-of-the-customer solutions from KANA will help you shine.


Customer Success

The conversion rate of chat sessions to bookings exceeds our expectations Leo Ooms, Director Customer Services
Customers can now ask questions quickly and easily, without having to fill in forms. Wietske Viergever, Webcare Editor
Tele Ticket Service

Tele Ticket Service

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KANA understands our business and can really appreciate the challenges we face as a ticket seller Stefan Esselens, Managing Partner
GvB Amsterdam

GvB Amsterdam

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With KANA Express we generate information which is intrinsically better and clearer. Henk Rebel, manager of Sales, Information and Client Service
KANA has really made our data work hard for us. Intelligent, automated email response and an extensive self-service function has freed up customer service reps for high-level requests. Ron Rose, CIO

Industry Verticals

Airlines and Transport

KANA solutions are used by airlines and public transport agencies to provide travelers with integrated, consistent service across phone, email, web, mobile and social channels. Whether it’s transferring a partial booking from the Web to the contact center or providing seamless updates on flight delays across live chat, social and phone.

Case study: GvB Amsterdam
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Hotels and Hospitality

Travelers are increasingly taking their transactions online and 75% will read online reviews before booking. Yet 20% more travellers prefer an easy and reliable online booking experience over the best deal. KANA helps the hotel and hospitality industries stand out from the crowd by creating a smooth, reliable and consistent experience for all your guests.

Holiday and Tour Operators

In an increasingly competitive market, 50% of potential customers will go elsewhere when it gets too difficult to book the holiday they want. Increase bookings, cut costs and build repeat business with accessible and reliable booking processes, clear consistent advice and helpful service.

Case study: Sunweb
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Case study: TUI
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