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Customer Service Solutions for Technology


Enhance complex products with powerful customer service

Reduce your cost to serve while improving customer satisfaction

Challenges and Solutions

Technology products have become increasingly complex, while customer expectations for swift customer service have risen dramatically. Complex issues are resolved quickly with advanced knowledge management a unified desktop, and omnichannel engagement.

Avoid long calls with expensive engineers

Often frontline agents merely verify support entitlements and log cases, while your most expensive resources are required for troubleshooting issues. An advanced knowledge base allows many issues to be resolved without escalation, reducing costs.

Improve service across channels and departments

Your customers lead the way in technology adoption, and are eager to help themselves using a variety of channels. Advanced self-service capabilities to solve problems and track issues not only reduces costs, but improves customer satisfaction.

Create and disseminate information quickly

When issues arise, you can receive thousands of calls looking for answers. By allowing any agent to draft knowledge for review and publication, teams can quickly share information to get the right answers to your customers quickly.

Connect back-end applications

When your employees struggle with a vast array of legacy applications, your customer experience suffers. A unified desktop leverages these systems while streamlining processes, minimizing agent effort.

Gain visibility into root cause analysis

Use analytics to determine which products are driving the most support issues, which issue types are most difficult to resolve, and other key factors to drive product improvement.

Respond quickly to market demands

What do your customers think of your products, and what features are they looking for? Respond to market demands quicker than your competition by listening to the voice of the customer.

Are you ready to find a solution for your disconnected legacy systems?

Customer Success

Universal Electronics

Universal Electronics

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We are extremely happy with KANA Express. It has provided an insight into our client contact. Julie Mills, Operations, Mails and Distributors Supervisor
Conrad Electronics

Conrad Electronics

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We opted for KANA Express because it really is a total package. It connects very nicely with our customer-orientation vision Eric Pol, Operations Manager
We manage close to 30,000 search sessions per day and that number continues to climb. Without KANA’s intelligent customer service applications, we would probably not have succeeded in beating our cost savings goals while still delivering the benchmark level of service demanded by our customers. George Barnes, e-Business Manager