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Customer Service Solutions for Retail


Enhance customer service experiences in all channels

Assist customers in completing purchases and getting help on the Web, in the store and on the phone

Challenges and Solutions

As shopping becomes a truly omnichannel experience, customer service must keep pace. Whether it’s live chat, self-service, on the phone or in the store, customers expect effortless assistance. With KANA, you can provide quick, personalized service across a variety of channels to make more customers purchase and stay loyal to your brand.

Connect all channels

Your customers expect to engage seamlessly from the store to online and back again. Make sure your channels are connected so you understand the complete customer journey and can help your customers in the moment.

Reduce cart abandonment

Billions of dollars are lost each year in abandoned shopping carts. Provide instant help to your customers through live chat and self-service to boost conversion rates.

Leverage back-end applications

When your employees struggle with a vast array of legacy applications, your customer experience suffers. A unified desktop leverages these systems while streamlining processes, minimizing agent effort.

Compete successfully online

For brick-and-mortar stores to survive against their online competition, containing costs is paramount. Reduce your total cost to serve by improving agent productivity and leveraging lower-cost communication channels.

Handle spikes in volume

The holiday shopping season can bring a bounty of revenue, but also a bounty of headaches. Easy agent onboarding, deflection to low-cost channels and flexible agent licensing help you come through the season with flying colors.

Listen to your customers in social media

Through the power of social media, a single dissatisfied customer can wield a very strong voice. Listen and respond to your customers in social media to use it as a channel for positive experiences instead of negative ones.

Are you ready to optimize your customer experience?

Customer Success

KANA had not only the technology, but the cultural mindset to work with our business. Brian Carey, Divisional Vice President, Inbound Service and Operations
Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse

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We now have a first-time fix rate of 89 percent, which is amazing. KANA is a key part of the toolkit that helps us to achieve that result. Anne Wood, Head of Knowledge Management and Self-Help
KANA has been a big win for all involved—our CSRs, our management, and most importantly our customers. It's helped us maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, which in turn helps us grow the business. Combined with the productivity improvement, our investment was repaid within the first year. Randy Scollins, Director of Strategy and Implementation

Industry Verticals

KANA for Online Retail

KANA for Online Retail allows you to provide customer service to your online customers throughout their journey, using channels like live chat, co-browse, email, and Web self-service.

KANA for In-Store Retail

KANA for In-Store Retail helps you provide a consistent customer experience from the store to the Web. Whether a customer contacts you in the store, on the phone, or through digital channels, they will receive quick, consistent assistance.