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Customer Service Solutions for Financial Services

Financial Services

Deliver new customer experience differentiators

Wrap and renew legacy systems to improve customer service

Challenges and Solutions

Financial services institutions are under pressure to deliver enhanced customer experience from digital disrupters and a new generation of Web and mobile-savvy customers who are more willing than ever to explore alternate financial services providers. The KANA customer service solutions for the financial services industry allow our customers to deliver the new customer experience differentiators in today’s digital economy — speed, simplicity, convenience and consistency.

Wrap and renew

Financial services IT ecosystems are typically an environment of rigid, disconnected systems that inhibit business agility and negatively impact customer experience. Don’t rip and replace; just wrap and renew.

Improve trust

Following the financial crisis, customers are more willing to seek out new financial services providers. It has never been easier for customers to switch and compare. Give them the service that makes them stay.

Stand out from the crowd

Digital disruptors in payments, lending and direct banking have emerged, competing with established banks on customer experience. Emerge from the pack with exceptional customer service.

Optimize business processes

Financial services customer service processes are often complex. Optimization of complex business processes using BPM and case management tools is essential.

Achieve customer experience differentiators

Speed, simplicity, convenience and consistency are the new customer experience differentiators that have elevated importance to your brand. Make sure you address each of these.

Stay current with regulatory compliance

US reforms and new regulations by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau are proving extremely costly to the banking industry. In 2013, new regulation in the UK requires that customers be able to switch banks within seven days. Integrated systems help you track your compliance with these new regulations.

Find out how KANA can help you deliver customer service speed, simplicity, convenience and consistency.

Customer Success

The numbers speak for themselves. Customer satisfaction went through the roof after only three weeks. Ben Roosenthaler, Sr. Account Manager, CRM
The system enables us to deliver outstanding service to our Internet-based customers and to set a new standard in customer service via Internet channels. Using a single knowledge base for all communication channels. Itzhak Malach, Senior Vice President, Head of Operations

Industry Verticals

KANA for Wealth Management

KANA for Wealth Management brings together case management, business process management, knowledge management, real-time analytics and social media to streamline your customer service capabilities.

KANA Software has conducted a poll with 850 attendees at the recent FST Banking in Sydney. See how the Australian Financial Services industry will use technology to deliver customer value.
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KANA for Retail Banking

Using our unique combination of multichannel management, knowledge management and case management, we help our Retail Banking clients deliver the new customer experience differentiators — speed, simplicity, convenience and consistency.

Bank Leumi sets a new standard for online customer service while reducing calls by 17 percent with KANA.
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