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Customer Service Solutions for Business Services

Business Services

Reduce costs and deliver a unified customer experience

Improve service to gain satisfied and loyal customers

Challenges and Solutions

Whether you are in marketing and advertising, consulting, legal services, logistics and shipping or another service industry, the growth of the service economy brings heightened awareness to the significance of customer service and customer experience. KANA solutions deliver unified customer experiences and improve service responsiveness to better compete for market share and increase customer retention.

Handle increasing volume of email

When email volume increases, businesses are overwhelmed and can lose sight of their responses. Integrated systems can help improve the quality of responses, reduce the average response time and help meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

Keep in touch with customers

Customers are now demanding service across all communication channels, as they freely hop from channel to channel even during a single interaction. A true omnichannel service experience can accommodate today’s customer expectations.

Gain insight into client experience

Disparate systems fail to bring together the entire customer experiences. Provide customer service managers with the tools to continuously measure and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your service.

Improve your view of the customer

Customers use multiple channels to contact your organization. Without integrated systems, vital customer information can be missed. A unified agent desktop provides a seamless service experience across all channels and gives agents a complete picture of the customer.

Increase customer retention

The cost of onboarding a new client is significantly higher than retaining an existing customer. Improve customer retention by providing consistent service across all channels.

Prioritize channels and reduce costs

Customers use a wide variety of channels to contact your organization. Whether is it by phone, Web, email, chat or another channel, organizations need to identify the most used channels and improve the service on those channels while reaping costs savings on digital channels.

KANA helps Carglass get it "First Time Right"

Customer Success

Zig Websoftware

Zig Websoftware

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We integrate KANA Express into our Web solutions so that a complete picture of the customer is created. Gerbert Kooij, Commercial Manager
The cooperation with KANA is working excellently. When we have questions, we are always helped within a short period of time. This was another reason why we chose KANA Express. Riet Grooters, International Functional Manager
The KANA Express Web Self-Service module enables clients to find many of their own answers online. KANA Express Email Response Management ensures the correct routing of incoming emails to the various departments and monitors settlement periods. KANA Express Call Management supports employees in giving the correct answer, and the reporting module provides insight into client circumstances, thereby enabling us to respond to current issues. Lenda Ronde, Manager, Legal Advice Desk, Legal Services Department
SUSA Student Employment Agent

SUSA Student Employment Agent

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By using KANA Express to support the contact center, SUSA students have access to the correct information at the right time, which results in high-value contacts. Remco Pouw, Director