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Delivering Value Today and in the Future

KANA maintenance and support is an important part of the KANA solution, ensuring customers continue to get value from their investment in their KANA software solutions. In our experience, great customer support requires a combination of great technology, a focus on customer requirements and a cooperative relationship with customers. But talk is cheap. That's why we've established a statement of principles that we publish and share with our customers. These principles drive a pragmatic approach and process for ensuring our customers are satisfied and that issues are resolved effectively and efficiently.

Unified Support

KANA and LAGAN support is one organization. We will treat each customer consistently regardless of product, and focus on resolving problems together.

Exemplifying the KANA Customer Experience Management Brand

As the leader in customer experience management, it's only fitting that we focus on delivering first-class customer service and use every interaction as an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, enhance the customer experience and build trust. We will treat our customers as true partners and will be open and transparent across all of our processes and procedures.

Customer Retention

Like any smart organization, we value long-term, mutually beneficial customer relationships. We will align ourselves with the rest of the organization to focus on customer retention programs and will actively measure and report renewal rates and customer satisfaction levels.


Collaboration and a commitment to partnership with all of our key internal and external stakeholders are essential for a great customer experience. We will take a collaborative approach to achieve our goals of case velocity, customer satisfaction and retention.

Ownership and Action

Many support issues require shared ownership and action between the customer and KANA support for effective resolution. KANA support will establish owners at the managerial and staff level and will proactively work in partnership with the customer to resolve issues in a timely manner. We will always try to focus on what action we can take to move the case along. If that action is on the Customer side, we will ask that it be taken expeditiously. If a customer can't devote the attention needed to help resolve the issue we will ask that the case be closed until further action is possible.