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Whitemail Management

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Faster, better handling of fax, letter and in-person contacts.

Reduce the time and costs of handling inbound faxes and letters as well as customer requests at the reception desk. KANA Enterprise Whitemail Management is an intelligent letter and fax solution that allows you to enter faxes and scanned letters into your CRM system, links them to the right customers and routes them to agents. Easily records customer visits to the service counter and gives your agents a true 360º view and single profile of customers for faster, more efficient handling of inquiries. Customer wait times improve and so does the agent and customer experience.

Effective processing. Faster response times

Manually processing customer faxes and letters isn’t just time consuming for your agents, it often results in long customer wait times for a response and doesn’t provide an effective way to include interactions in the customer profile. KANA Enterprise Whitemail Management links to your scanners and enables faxes and letters to be entered into the customer database quickly and routed to agents efficiently.

Smart Engagement automatically routes and prioritizes messages, reducing errors associated with manual processing. And by enabling you to launch workflows and generate answers, KANA Enterprise Whitemail Management makes agents more productive, response times shorter, and the customer experience more consistent. Integrating letter and fax processing with your service operations also means that you can monitor SLAs effectively, further ensuring that traditional channels don’t create a gap in your overall service standards.

The same is true of customer visits to the service desk—KANA Enterprise Whitemail Management enables you to launch or add to a customer profile so that customers and issues are duly and quickly recorded in your customer database. Wait times/queues at the customer service desk are reduced, plus you’ll know about a visit when the same customer contacts you again, regardless of the channel—crucial factors to customer satisfaction.

A complete 360° view of the customer includes traditional channels

Traditional channels must be included in the customer profile for a truly unified online/offline view of the customer—both on the personal level of individual customers and the higher level of cross-channel insights and performance metrics. That in turn enables you to provide consistent service and shows customers that you care about their issues. KANA Enterprise Whitemail Management enables you to achieve this goal efficiently.

In addition, anonymous letters and visits to the service desk aren’t lost on you. Customer comments and concerns can easily be made known to agents, and answers and insights easily included in the knowledge base, ultimately improving the service you provide in every channel.

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