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Web Experience

Experience: Web Agent Social Mobile

Help customers help themselves.

KANA provides software that helps personalize the Web self-service experience, making it more efficient for customers to help themselves by working online.

Deliver a brand-aligned Web experience 24/7 that reduces service delivery costs and makes online interactions convenient and effective. 

KANA Enterprise Web Experience

Web Experience Solutions

Live Chat

Customers can initiate sessions, as can you. Metrics, such as customer value or duration on a page, can help you determine when and where your help is most needed — and most profitable. Help your customers complete their transactions at the most critical junctures and reduce transaction abandonment in the process.

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Your service reps can walk customers through any online problem — right to resolution. By browsing the same screen with agents, customers get hands-on assistance in real time and you get real-time results.

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Email Management

Challenged by sudden spikes in email volume? KANA is the global leader in high-volume email management. KANA Enterprise Email Management scales to handle millions of monthly emails and integrates with your other channels to give agents a complete view of the customer. Eliminate backlog, provide on-target replies and meet your SLAs!

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Secure Messaging

Protect customer privacy and ensure regulatory compliance with the KANA Enterprise Secure Messaging solution for communicating sensitive information online. Customers access a messaging center through a secure portal, while agents handle information securely and seamlessly right on their agent desktop.

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Web Self-Service

KANA Enterprise Web Self-Service makes it easy for customers to achieve their online goals, whether they’re shopping, looking for information or seeking assistance. Make your website your customers’ first stop for everything they need.

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