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Experience Analytics Express

Experience: Web Agent Social Mobile

Fast, easy and powerful.

Are you looking to start a Social Media Monitoring program or a Voice of the Customer initiative but not sure where to begin? Overwhelmed by all of the technology, options, and limitations? KANA Experience Analytics Express is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use version of our Enterprise-class Text Analytics solution that allows you to immediately begin listening to and engaging in social media and direct customer communications.

Analyze what your customers are saying across all touchpoints

KANA Experience Analytics Express categorizes social media and direct customer conversation channels like email, surveys, and web feedback for topics, sentiment, and trends. Easy to use and up and running in days, Experience Analytics Express gives you the ability to understand everything your customers are saying quickly, and in real time.

Business users can easily create search queries and categorization models in minutes, and then watch as all customer messages entering the system are classified for topic and sentiment. Are your customers praising your products? Are they asking for help? Experience Analytics will show you what they are saying and present the information in a dynamic and easy to access format. Any topic or theme you can think of can be categorized in Experience Analytics.

Not just another social media monitoring tool

KANA Text Analytics solutions use advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced reporting capabilities for extremely accurate analysis and powerful insight discovery, making it far superior to many of the keyword-based solutions out there. Experience Analytics Express leverages many of the capabilities in our enterprise-class solution, but is designed for those organizations new to customer listening and social media monitoring or are not ready to implement advanced text analytics.

Advanced reporting capabilities segments and identifies correlations within customer communications. It is not just about whether customers are happy or upset. Understand their sentiment, if they talking about specific products or services, and context in which they are communicating.

Additionally, unlike most Social Media Monitoring services, Experience Analytics Express analyzes non-social channels like email and surveys. The same analysis and categorization methods can be applied to just about anything your customers are saying, from any channel, for a true holistic view of what is being said about your brand, products, and services.

Need room to grow in the future? Experience Analytics Express offers a seamless path to enterprise-class NLP and text analytics. For those who wish to extend and grow their Social Media Monitoring and Voice of the Customer programs, it's simple to extend the analysis capabilities. As organizational initiatives grow in complexity and goals, it is important that the solution can meet that challenge. Experience Analytics Express will.

The right solution for quick and powerful insights across multiple channels

With KANA Experience Analytics Express it's easy to get started and immediately begin understanding what your customers are saying. The wealth of information available in social and direct customer communication channels is immense, it is just a matter of unlocking it. Using automated topic and sentiment analysis, Experience Analytics Express will enable you to identify actionable business insights from all of your customer channels with ease.