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Social Listen and Respond

Experience: Web Agent Social Mobile

Make social media an effective channel for customer service.

Customers already know you’re listening. Now show them you care about what they have to say. Social Listen & Respond brings social listening to the contact center, enabling agents to leverage their knowledge base, case management and other support tools to address customer issues and concerns expressed in social media.

A direct path from online chatter to efficient problem resolution

With consumers using social media to talk about brands, products and their concerns, businesses increasingly need a more effective and cost-efficient way to respond. KANA Enterprise Social Listen & Respond enables you to pinpoint comments that warrant response and route them intelligently to agents. Agents are able to process customer comments and concerns just like in any other channel, right in their agent desktop.

For example, agents can employ scripted responses, which not only boost efficiency and response times but also help to uphold guidelines set for social communication. It also means that service and information provided in social settings is consistent—an important factor in an environment characterized by unprecedented visibility.

Complete customer profile. On-point replies

Social Listen & Respond ties customer comments in social channels into the overall customer profile. Agents get a better understanding of the issue at hand and the customer relationship, enabling them to respond more knowledgeably. Has a customer already sent an email about an issue and now resorted to social outlets? Are you dealing with a social media influencer or a first-time Tweeter? Agents will be in the know and can act accordingly. A consolidated view of the customer helps you resolve important issues fast.

Advanced listening technology for more accurate routing

The right listening technology does more than spot brand mentions across the social Web. Social Listen & Respond uses Natural Language Processing technology to identify topics and understand customer meaning and sentiment. That means issues, concerns and opportunities can be routed and prioritized more accurately and handled by the agent with the best skill-set at the right time.

Agents can respond to comments directly in communities or via email to existing customers.

Social metrics: Keep tabs on your performance

The cost-benefits of your social media spend can be hard to calculate with accuracy. Social Listen & Respond enables you to monitor your performance in social channels and measure it more effectively. Determine first-contact resolution rates, average handling time and other important metrics, and compare results across channels.