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Social Experience

Experience: Web Agent Social Mobile

Make a social connection with customers.

KANA provides high-volume social media monitoring software and a platform for hosting private online communities.

Locate important conversations about your brand, products and services on the Web. Then, proactively engage customers in social media and, when needed, integrate them into service resolution workflows or onboard them to your own private online community.

KANA software solutions can help you identify emerging service issues, develop a better understanding of your customers and exchange ideas with customers to build your brand.

KANA Enterprise Social Experience

Social Experience Solutions

Social Listen and Respond

Connect your agents with your customers in social media—the smart way. KANA Enterprise Social Listen and Respond integrates with your agent desktop so that your contact center can deliver as consistent and effective service in social channels as in any others. Don’t let social be a disconnect in your customer relationship—give agents the complete picture of customer interaction from email to account activity to tweets.

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Experience Analytics

Get to the bottom of the buzz about your brand and get to know your customers. KANA Enterprise Experience Analytics is customer listening at its best. Understand what’s being said about your brand, products and services across channels, and hone in on important remarks and social media influencers. Use analytics to learn from your customers—gain the insights needed to help steer product innovations, and direct your customer service and marketing strategies.

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Experience Analytics Express

Analyze social media and direct customer conversation channels, such as email, surveys and Web feedback for topics, sentiment and trends. Start understanding what your customers are saying across all touchpoints quickly and with ease.

Available as stand-alone or bundled with KANA Express.

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Experience Community

KANA Enterprise Experience Community weaves together the strongest aspects of online communities and provides a forum for everyone to join forces. Customers can interact with each other to share experiences and viewpoints, and your agents can contribute to the process. KANA Enterprise Experience Community enables the community to seamlessly connect to your business, resulting in superior customer experience at the lowest possible cost.

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