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Secure Messaging

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Secure messaging. The smart way.

Rather than sending sensitive customer information back and forth across cyberspace, KANA Enterprise Secure Messaging provides a secure framework for online communication. Customers receive message alerts via email with a link to your secure portal. Upon user authentication, customers access a personal message center where they can safely send and receive information, and upload and download attachments. Agents communicate securely with customers seamlessly from their agent desktop. Meet regulatory requirements. Protect customer privacy. Enjoy peace of mind.

Simple. Secure. Efficient

KANA Enterprise Secure Messaging combines email management with secure Web portals to enable secure, compliant exchange of information electronically. By communicating via a secure portal or message center, you’re not putting confidential information into email and you eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome encryption/decryption programs. Yet, messages exchanged or posted in personal portals are handled the same way KANA Enterprise solutions handle regular high-volume email — quickly, accurately and cost-efficiently.

Easy for agents. Reassuring for customers

KANA Enterprise Secure Messaging integrates with email in the agent’s desktop to make message handling and compliance a seamless process. A single click secures message confidentiality and emails customers a hyperlink to the information in the portal, instead of displaying personal or sensitive information in the email. No training of your agents is required. Rules for what classifies as confidential can be automated, which means compliance is automatic too.

Customers can access their personal portal in any browser. Hyperlinks alerting customers to new messages lead to user authentication — a login to the portal. Transparency is provided to all designated users, making communication clear and straightforward. And with personal information viewable only to customers and, for example, their physician, financial advisor or case handler, customers are less reluctant to handle sensitive issues electronically than otherwise  —ultimately curbing costly calls to service providers.

Compliant every which way

Customers will enjoy feeling less vulnerable, and so will you. Customers can initiate secure emails in the portal and also be prohibited from responding to secure messages with unsecured email. And agents can be automatically prompted to reply to standard email using secure messaging, by, for example, the system’s recognition of sensitive content in a message. Rules can also be automatically enforced. Message security is always maintained — even auto-replies can be sent confidentially.

Highly scalable. Keeps costs low

Because Secure Messaging is built into the desktop and scales to handle large increases in volume, KANA Enterprise helps you control the cost of high-volume online communication even when it comes to exchanging sensitive information and keeping up with regulatory compliance.