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A complete customer service ecosystem.

KANA Enterprise puts your customers at center and you in control — across contact center, Web, mobile and social channels. Built on a context-aware Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), KANA Enterprise brings flexibility and visibility to the end-to-end customer experience. We’ve designed it to enable real-time adaptation of business processes so you can optimize the customer experience in step with evolving needs and preferences. It’s a closed loop that keeps you in touch, and the service experience fine-tuned and responsive. It empowers your organization with omni-channel capabilities that provide your customers with consistent experiences across all channels, as well as the ability to move seamlessly between channels while keeping track of all transactions.

KANA Enterprise Architecture

Platform Solutions

Context-Aware SOA

KANA Enterprise is built on a context-aware Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to enable the dynamic processes necessary for today’s multichannel customer experiences. Because SOA is an open, standards-based architecture, KANA Enterprise can leverage your existing data resources and IT assets, making integration highly cost-effective.

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Cloud Solutions

Get all the benefits of on-demand computing and all the benefits of KANA Enterprise. Running KANA Enterprise in the cloud gives you the advantages of our next-generation customer service solutions through an on-demand subscription. All you need is an Internet browser.

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Business Process Management

KANA Enterprise is a process-based platform that puts control into the hands of business users, enabling service managers to design UIs and underlying processes using visual design tools. You can design service processes and customer experiences in minutes and adapt them just as easily in response to customer feedback and business metrics.

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