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Outbound Calling Campaigns

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Successful outbound calling campaigns increase sales.

Successful outbound marketing campaigns must leverage the best information available and also require accurate targeting. Additionally, they must be timely and efficient. The KANA Enterprise Outbound Calling Campaigns solution provides a consistent and professional approach to sales campaign management that empowers sales and marketing business users to create and execute effective outbound campaigns.

Effective management and tracking of campaigns

For outbound calling campaigns to be successful, organizations need to empower sales and marketing business users with the tools that enable them to design, create, execute, manage, track and monitor their outbound campaigns. The KANA Enterprise Outbound Calling Campaigns solution provides effective management, tracking and monitoring of outbound campaigns, and can be focused on a specific product or service. It allows you to define and manage these campaigns over a dedicated campaign channel where you can assign agents or teams to campaigns.

Faster execution of outbound campaigns

The KANA Enterprise Outbound Calling Campaigns solution has an easy-to-use wizard tool that helps with the design and creation of campaigns. The wizard guides the user through the steps of creating campaigns — defining the details of the campaign; adding any collateral, such as greeting or content scripts; adding mappings between script and call outcomes, then assigning the campaign to the relevant agents or teams. Each step is specific to a channel type and contains all the relevant campaign details for that channel. The provided scripts guide the agent throughout the call with the targeted customer as part of the campaign. At the end of the call, the agent can wrap-up manually or the auto wrap-up will be carried out. During the wrap-up of a campaign call, the agent can arrange a call-back with the customer.

The KANA Enterprise Outbound Calling Campaigns solution provides the ability to search for contacts created during campaigns using different filters. Users can also set up and administer a campaign timer that indicates through warning light indicators how long an agent has been on a campaign call. Users can also configure the settings for the dialers on the campaign channel.