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Experience Community

Experience: Web Agent Social Mobile

Give voice to your customers—power to your brand.

Give your customers a community space online for connecting with each other and with you for help, enabling them to collaborate and exchange ideas about your brand, products and services. KANA Experience Community empowers businesses to build customer relationships, foster loyalty and engagement, and provide service at lower cost. Harvest top comments and discussions and feed them to your knowledge base to enhance self-help capabilities, and use garnered insights to inform product development and improve the customer experience.

Nurture engagement. Build loyalty

Make the social experience of your brand a good one through online Q&A forums, social community forums and blogs. With Experience Community customers can collaborate to resolve problems and congregate on topics, products and events, generating engagement and a deeper connection to your brand. Users can create profiles and stay connected to their specific interests by subscribing to threads, blogs, forums or topics, and posting their own comments in response. A virtual community is a great place to introduce new brand and product concepts and get instant feedback. Use it to create excitement around sales and marketing campaigns.

Experience Community also enables you to moderate discussions. Agents can add insights to customer-led discussions, helping direct conversations—and hence customers—away from misinformation. Pinpoint your expert and influential contributors and include them in relevant conversations—together you can build trust and strengthen relationships. The system scans for profanities and disruptive users, and content can be designated as public or private.

Responsive customer service at lower cost

Experience Community connects seamlessly to your service operations and agent desktop, enabling you to route unresolved issues to agents and experts within the community. The system captures and includes all interactions in the relevant customer profiles so that your view of the individual customer includes their questions and comments posted in your social community.

In fact, online communities provide a natural fit for customer service. Customers sharing experiences and advice, and solving problems together directly within the community, reduces the volume of inquiries directed to agents. Social media monitoring, sentiment analysis and routing capabilities help you spot problems as they emerge, enabling you to resolve them before they escalate. In addition, customers can rate answers and tips, helping you identify the best ones. Sharing that information in the community helps your other customers while deflecting countless potential queries about the same problems.

Leverage insights and improve knowledge

Your customers benefit from participating in a community and so will your business. Illuminating answers can be fed into your knowledge base, boosting self-help capabilities and further reducing costly contacts to your call center. It also ensures that pertinent up-to-the-minute information is made easily available. Use insights distilled from the many customer conversations taking place (often at once) to inform product innovation and use overall community sentiment to guide decision-making.

By connecting with and involving customers in the collective service experience, customers become your advocates—partners in building better experiences.