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Mobile Self-Service

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Mobile and your business.
Better together.

Put the power of anywhere, anytime problem resolution into the hands of your customers. KANA Mobile Self-Service extends your Web self-service capabilities to mobile—optimizing the customer experience for popular mobile devices and browsers with features such as Live Chat. From contextual search of your knowledge base, to mobile apps for reporting issues, Mobile Self-Service is more than just a convenience for customers—it's a cost-effective channel for you.

KANA Enterprise Mobile Experience Mobile Self-Service

Make self-service even more accessible

With people increasingly reaching for their smartphones for, well, everything, businesses not only want to ensure a good mobile experience of their brand but also want to tap into the cost savings that mobile technology offers. KANA Mobile Self-Service makes it possible by making your self-service capabilities even more accessible. With optimized self-service for mobile browsers, customers can access the information on your website through contextual search. That means customer profile, and factors like location and previous purchases, etc., facilitate search, bringing customers the information best targeted to their request and individual needs.

By providing fast mobile access to information and self-service capabilities, you’re not just reducing customer frustration, you’re reducing call volume to the contact center and hence costs!

KANA Mobile Self-Service also enables you to deliver self-service through mobile apps. Our mobile self-service solution enables you to launch self-branded apps for any number of tasks important to your customers, such as filing a claim or reporting an issue—right from their mobile devices.

Live Chat is also optimized for mobile devices, delivering real-time service anywhere. For e-commerce, Mobile Live Chat provides additional assistance to reduce abandonment and deflect costly calls to the contact center when customers just need a little extra guidance or information.

The solution integrates with your existing customer service infrastructure so that customer requests or interactions aren’t dropped from the customer history or profile. Whether a customer initiates contact in one channel—e.g. your mobile app or mobile website—only to complete it in another, the customer experience is continuous and consistent.

Mobile analytics helps drive adoption of self-service

Deep integration of mobile channels with your service infrastructure also gives you greater insight into the customer. By harnessing and analyzing customer data from mobile, you can better understand customer needs and preferences and improve the customer experience in this increasingly important channel. That in turn helps increase the adoption of your self-service app and mobile website—further reducing the volume of contacts in more costly interaction channels.