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Mobile Case Management

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Solve service issues for customers on the go.

Give your customers the convenience of communicating service issues when and where problems arise. With KANA Mobile Case Management you can rapidly launch a mobile app that enables customers to create cases, track progress and use built-in smartphone features like the camera and GPS to facilitate the process. And because the app integrates with your service infrastructure, customer service in mobile channels is not just consistent, but cost-efficient too.

Screenshot of KANA Enterprise Mobile Experience Case Management

Reduce call volume and improve response times

Frequently, adding on services and apps in mobile channels means adding on another layer of administration—upping handling time and costs—and opening the door to inconsistent service. KANA Mobile Case Management enables the rapid launch of integrated service apps. Deeply knit with your service infrastructure, the app routes customer issues directly from mobile user to your mobile workforce and back-office. By sidestepping the contact center, call volume is reduced and an entire process step is eliminated—helping to cut costs and improve your response time to customers.

Mobile made easy

An out-of-the-box app, KANA Mobile Case Management is faster and more affordable to deploy than custom-developed apps. You can launch it with the look and feel of your brand, and configure it to list the issues and prompt the information relevant to your business needs, customers and processes. In fact, KANA Mobile Case Management also enables any of your existing KANA process applications to be deployed as mobile apps—further helping you reap the cost-benefits of mobile.

Integrated with your customer service infrastructure, the app enables you to provide automatic confirmations and updates to mobile customers as issues are handled. This reduces the number of customer calls to check on the status of a claim or request—all while providing a more responsive customer experience.

Take advantage of smartphone smarts

KANA Mobile Case Management leverages built-in smartphone features such as the camera and GPS. By making it easy to attach photos, for instance, customers can easily provide evidence or additional detail to explain requests or file complaints. Using the built-in GPS, the location of service issues can be reported much more accurately. With better information, error is minimized and mobile workforce response is faster, further cutting costs.

The app supports a wide range of mobile devices, which also means that upon customer download, the UI looks and feels right for their specific device type.