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KANA is proud to announce the latest release of KANA Enterprise which includes new features, such as Smart Engagement, Actionable Dashboards, Activity Streams and Case Maps, to help improve our customers’ capabilities around omnichannel work management, real-time analytics, total cost of ownership, and employee collaboration and productivity.

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Smarter Engagement

KANA Enterprise Smart Engagement provides omnichannel management and visibility into customer inquiries across communication channels. Smart Engagement capabilities include routing, queuing and management of messages, as well as actionable real-time analytics.

  • Route work to the most qualified agent
  • Improve first contact resolution
  • Improved visibility and control
  • Real-time analytics

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Employee Collaboration

KANA Enterprise Activity Streams encourages employee collaboration and teamwork by allowing workers to subscribe to and comment on topics of interest, improving the quality and consistency of issue resolution.

  • Broadcast messages from supervisors
  • Encourage knowledge sharing
  • Subscribe to topics of interest
  • Improve employee engagement

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Employee Productivity

By optimizing the capabilities of the Agent Desktop, employees not only work faster, but they also work smarter. Visual cues allow agents to see what action is needed immediately, driving productivity.

  • Multimonitor viewing
  • Context-specific customer flags
  • SLA notifications
  • Visual case maps

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