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Knowledge Management

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Make every agent your best agent.

Agents no longer need to spend time searching for the best answer because KANA Enterprise Knowledge-Infused Process delivers the right ones straight to them. Every agent is advantaged. And every customer benefits.

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Make every agent your best agent

Balance your business goals with customer needs.

KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management puts intelligence at your agents' fingertips

You've calculated the cost of agent assistance down to the minute. Now wouldn't you rather have those agent minutes focused on the customer than spent on search? That's what KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management enables. It puts intelligence at your agents' fingertips for fast, accurate and consistent response. Rather than search the knowledge base, agents are assisted by it. You'll find that agents don't need extensive and costly training to deliver high-quality results.

Contextual smarts

Every inquiry is evaluated in terms of a multitude of contextual specifics—customer value, type of inquiry, previous purchases and more—infusing the process with knowledge. Unlike narrow keyword searches, context-driven search provides many paths to knowledge, including clarifying questions and guided assistance to increase proficiency. With the contextual smarts of KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management, agent intelligence goes up and resolution time goes down.

You've got the data but your agents aren't using it.

Smart agents who can't find answers in the knowledge base simply stop using it.

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You've got the data but your agents aren't using it.

Control the process. Improve the outcome.

Problem: Agents give up on the knowledge base

When the knowledge base isn't integrated with your agent desktop, too much time is spent on dead-end search. Agents have to translate the context of the customer conversation into 3-4 keywords and then search the knowledge base. It doesn't take many failed attempts at retrieving answers before an agent starts looking elsewhere to solve problems—a sure route to inconsistent service.

KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management integrates your existing knowledge bases with your contact center desktop, automatically feeding the context of the conversation into search. And answers are fed back to agents naturally, as part of their work process, guiding them to consistent, accurate answers and fast resolution.

Problem: Your knowledge base isn't complete

Increasingly, many of the demands put on agents require information that isn't part of a traditional knowledge base—like transactional information from customer information repositories such as orders, billing, reservations and inventory. And many businesses have the relevant data, but aren't making use of it. Fortunately, KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management provides a good solution. It extends the reach of the knowledge base to all enterprise data, including external systems, and makes it available across your agents and communication channels.

Smarter answers. Better service.

Access resources company-wide through knowledge bases and search processes designed specifically for customer service. The result? Accurate answers delivered faster—to agents and customers.

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Looking for answers? Search over!

Far-reaching knowledge base

With KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management your knowledge base spans all your data repositories providing agents with vastly better resources for handling any kind of service interaction. A unified knowledge base improves accuracy and ensures consistency across agents and communication channels.

Context-driven search for better answers fast

Context-driven search draws on a wealth of contextual information—customer value, inquiry type, previous purchases and more—to infer customer intent and deliver the right answer, right away. With KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management, agents are guided through the service interaction toward the best possible resolution in the shortest amount of time.

Design the agent experience in real time

Customer service managers use drag-and-drop design tools to quickly categorize content for the knowledge base and its user-defined areas. KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management enables service managers to streamline the agent workflow and easily configure it to meet the needs of different customer segments—without any coding!

Capture front-line intelligence

Make the most of your agents' expertise. KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management enables you to capture and re-use knowledge from front-line experiences with real-time authoring tools that allow authorized agents to contribute solution content as they resolve inquiries.

One source. Many views.

Create a flexible and secure knowledge base by enabling administrators to specify entitlements at the granular level. With KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management entitlements can be applied at form level, template level or even field level. User interfaces can also be tagged for access by certain types of users or roles.

The distance from "search to resolution" just got shorter.

You want an extensive knowledge base that has it all. But you don't want your agents to spend time navigating it. After all, research costs call time. KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management shortens the distance from research to resolution.

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The distance from "search to resolution" just got shorter

Balance your business goals with customer needs.

The Knowledge Base that keeps on growing

To provide efficient service, answers need to be easy to find, but they also need to be informative and actionable. And that's what our KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management delivers—the right answers, right to agents—right from the knowledge base. The universal knowledge base goes far beyond the traditional knowledge base to span all enterprise data, including a wealth of transactional data, knowledge about customers and previous purchases. It's a far stronger resource for agents and what makes context-driven search possible.

The right knowledge management transforms static help pages and FAQs into a dynamic resource that speeds up time-to-resolution. All the information is in the knowledge base, but all the answers are at your agents' fingertips.

And it doesn't stop there. Real-time authoring tools enable authorized agents to contribute solution content as they resolve inquiries, continuously building it out and making it better. With KANA Enterprise Knowledge Management customer service managers can point-and-click their way to create an unlimited number of virtual knowledge bases, tailored to support the needs and requirements of a particular business process.

One platform. More leverage.

The KANA Enterprise platform is designed to fit into your existing architectural framework and application ecosystem to deliver business flexibility, cross-channel consistency and good experiences in customer service.

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Scalable to growth. Adaptable to change.

Leveraging SOA and your existing technology

The KANA Enterprise platform leverages your existing technology investments by integrating with your enterprise data, applications and messaging systems. The platform is built on service-oriented architecture standards and designed for effective customer experience management. That means costly point-to-point integration and application upgrades are simplified, unburdening IT in the process.

IT and business — finally on the same page

The Design-Orchestrate-Listen methodology, the cornerstone of KANA Enterprise, enables interfaces to be created visually and/or automatically. Any enterprise system can be tapped into, typically without requiring re-write or replacement. That means customer service managers can implement rapid change to the customer experience without putting additional strain on IT.

Adapts to users. Adapts to context.

Service experiences, are consistent across communication channels — phone, email, chat and social communities — even when your customer base doubles in size or product development takes an unexpected turn. Business is happy. Customers are happy. And IT, well, they just can't stop smiling.

KANA Services: Building blocks of better customer experience management

Don't write code. Use KANA Enterprise Services for messaging, knowledge management and case management. KANA Enterprise blends knowledge management into process and case management to create a new generation of knowledge-infused customer service solutions. KANA Enterprise also is a process-based platform that streamlines customer service processes across your organization, communication channels and enterprise applications to create a complete customer service ecosystem that enables your organization to adapt quickly to evolving business needs. The combination of process and case management capabilities significantly decreases handling time, reduces errors, and ensures better control and compliance. Messaging services provide gateways to customer conversation channels – ranging from phone, email, chat and Web forms to social channels.

Integration Hub

KANA Enterprise is able to orchestrate across all of your data, transactions and content because the Design-Orchestrate-Listen methodology is hitched to a powerful Integration Hub. KANA Enterprise understands that delivering technology components or parts of a solution isn't sufficient to meet the demands of today's customer service organizations. It will always be necessary to integrate with other corporate solutions. KANA Enterprise delivers on this important requirement by bringing you a solution that is not only cohesive and adaptable, but also provides refined access to your other enterprise systems. The result is a complete customer experience ecosystem that gives your service management team end-to-end control of the customer journey across channels.

Analytics your way

Your customer experience management team can use the immense power of reports, dashboards and analytics that come out-of-the-box with KANA Enterprise Experience Analytics. Or you can integrate with the Business Intelligence (BI) tool of your choice.

The incredibly context-rich, cross-channel (including social media, emails, text messages, voice-to-text comments, Web forms and surveys) information that flows from the KANA Enterprise Experience Analytics provides sources of potentially greater revenue streams. More granular information about the service experience means your standard reporting and analytics tools will yield greater insight. Use it to drive real-time optimization and refine your customer service management strategies.

Multiple delivery options

KANA Enterprise can be deployed on premises, as managed services or in the cloud — whichever best meets your needs and budget requirements.


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