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Guided Scripting

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Set your agents up for success.

Dealing with confusing call processes or complex troubleshooting? Guided scripts help your agents handle every interaction to your specifications—regardless of how a situation may branch off. Scripts and accompanying steps are created in GUIs and link to underlying business processes without any coding. That means deploying a dynamic workflow is immediate. And so is the outcome—real-time monitoring of the customer experience enables you to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting tools keep your scripts and business processes fine-tuned for contact center success.

Put customers in focus—not the process

Static scripts limit call center representatives and hence your ability to solve many of the diverse problems agents end up facing in practice. And when scripts don't cut it, agents spend valuable call time searching for information and the right process to follow—breaking with the procedures scripts are meant to help enforce in the first place. KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting is interactive and enables scripts to unfold dynamically, so the right information is prompted even as customer needs or cases take unexpected paths. It makes for a more natural dialogue and means your agents can focus on your customers—a better experience for everyone involved.

Reduce agent training costs and improve call metrics

KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting helps reduce agent training time and brings customer issues to resolution faster. In fact, it’s precisely because KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting is process-driven and dynamic that agents can follow the call-handling procedures you set much more easily and accurately. Training agents to handle a variety of call types, let alone the exceptions, is costly—a concern that’s amplified for businesses with high agent turnover. Add to that, the issues that reach service representatives are increasingly the more complex ones that customers can’t resolve in self-service channels. KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting effectively guides agents, decreasing call escalations and optimizing agent productivity by bringing first-call resolution rates up, even among inexperienced reps

Best processes and consistent service

KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting makes it easy to maintain and alter scripts and ensure compliance. With business-level control of process change and point-and-click tools, you can implement guided scripts for different workflows and call types in real time, and monitor script performance as customers call in too. KANA Enterprise Guided Scripting helps ensure that the service you provide is consistent—consistently good—even in the face of complex service issues and even when procedures and regulations change frequently.