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Desktop and Process Analytics

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The cost and quality of customer service depend heavily on employee efficiency and accuracy. Verint Desktop and Process Analytics provides insight into how employees use software applications to perform their work and volumes, activity and process flows for both the Contact Center and Back Office. Once that visibility is achieved, Desktop and Process Analytics can help optimize your contact center operations and improve customer service by enriching interactions with additional data and personalized guidance.

Desktop and Process Analytics — 5 Steps Toward Sustainable Process Improvement


The cost and quality of customer service depend heavily on employee efficiency and accuracy. Work can slow to a crawl when systems are cumbersome and unintuitive, or business processes are flawed.

DPA can help accelerate and streamline your KANA solution by understanding application usage patterns and highlighting the variances in process steps being followed by your employees. This insight can help your organization find opportunities for improving efficiency or refining processes. And DPA can help enrich interactions by providing additional context, information and advice for agents and alerts for managers.

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Implementing DPA alongside your KANA interaction management solution means that you can monitor, track and analyze all desktop application activities, providing detailed analysis of application usage and process execution. This can help you to understand and improve your business processes and better target your investments.

DPA can also add value to new and existing IT systems by delivering guidance, automation and data propagation for back-office processes and systems, and providing additional context for interactions managed through the KANA Employee Desktop.

Understand — application usage and the processes carried out “on the ground” and accurately visualize them with empirical process maps

Improve — performance by helping managers understand the capacity potential at their disposal and by providing employees with in-app guidance to aid consistency and compliance

Accelerate — business improvements and transformation by supporting process redesign and automating time-consuming and error-prone steps