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Customer Service – Chat & Collaboration

Chat & Collaboration

ResponseLive alerts agents to problems and enables them to engage in multiple live chat sessions simultaneously. Scripted sessions increase efficiency and ensure compliance. Problems are automatically routed to the relevant party such as sales or technical support.

Customer Service Chat

Provides Superior Service Through High Agent Productivity

KANA Customer Service Chat solution combines customer web self service with instant escalation for an outstanding support experience. Your agents can immediately help customers complete their self-service transactions with live chat and web page co-browsing.

KANA Customer Service Chat solution automatically routes messages to the right queues, enables multiple live chat sessions per agent, pre-formats replies, and supports quick transfers and conferences with full session transcripts.

As a result KANA Customer Service Chat solution lets you:

  • Increase the efficiency and professionalism of your agents
  • Improve agent desktop performance with real-time queue and session monitoring
  • Ensure the confidentiality of replies with KANA Secure Messaging
  • Keep sessions private with a security model that has passed numerous audits by financial institutions
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by centralizing administration for all channels and departments

Customer Service Live Chat Features

Customer Service Chat

High-performance Desktop

Configurable rules send inquiries to the right channel and agent queues, where agents can manage up to four text chat sessions at a time. Pre-defined responses and URLS, a spell checker, profanity blocker, and chat session transfer and conferencing keep your agents efficient and professional.

Secure Live Sessions

Built-in security ensures that you're compliant with both corporate and legal privacy requirements. Business rules control co-browsing to prohibit a user from viewing or entering text into a web-form field, limit co-browsing to appropriate URLs, and disable submit buttons for one or more users. SSL encryption, user authentication, and desktop and session security keep data private throughout the session.

Quality Monitoring

Service level monitoring offers real-time insight into queues and agent group performance. Supervisors can silently monitor agents with real-time access to chat and co-browse interactions. Detailed session data includes participants, length of the session, transcripts, web pages co-browsed and length of time on each page.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Designed for enterprise customer service solutions operations, the multi-tenant architecture supports multiple departments with a separate configuration for each including look and feel, business rules, user accounts, security, language, pre-formatted responses and queues.