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CTI, IVR & ACD Adaptors

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Better intelligence.
More efficient call-handling.

KANA Enterprise Integration Adaptors for Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) not only enable intelligent, skill-based call routing, they enable intelligent use of customer data. Information entered into the IVR translates to a screen pop right in the agent desktop, while customer profile and history from your databases populate the screen. Agents don’t just get the ABCs on your customer, they get what the call is about. Context. Which also means customers won’t have to tell your agents what they’ve already communicated to your company. Call handling time decreases. Customer satisfaction increases.

Dynamic routing—make the most of agent skill and availability

KANA Enterprise Integration Adaptors help you make the most of your investment in call center agents. Routing is dynamic and intelligent, determined by agent skill, capacity, time and location. Customers are connected with the right agent for their issue, so you make the most of your resources.

First-call resolution rates are notably improved by dynamic skill-based routing, but also by ensuring that agents have access to all the information relevant to the call. From caller ID to customer history, value and preferences, to information entered into the IVR, KANA Enterprise Integration Adaptors provide agents with everything there is to know about the call and the customer, right in their desktop.

With all the pertinent information available at a glance, agents can speed calls to resolution much faster and in a more satisfactory way than otherwise possible. Not only are call-handling times reduced, but customer satisfaction is increased: there’s no need to repeat information already entered into the IVR or to reestablish information the business already has. Customer information is also retained between agent-to-agent call transfers.

Get the bigger picture: cross-channel visibility

Additionally, by integrating your telephony system with your customer service infrastructure, KANA Enterprise Integration Adaptors enable a unified picture of performance metrics and of your customer across channels. Real-time analytics and unified reporting help you identify common issues and spot inefficiencies, serving to build better intelligence around call patterns, customers and, ultimately, your business.

KANA Enterprise Integration Adaptors provide out-of-the-box connectivity for a wide range of telephony systems. You can also have our professional services assist you using published APIs.