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Experience: Web Agent Social Mobile

The window to improve service just doubled.

KANA Enterprise Advanced Co-Browse provides a window into the online customer experience. Literally. By co-browsing Web pages with customers in need of assistance, your agents can help customers navigate your website to complete self-service transactions or simply help them find what they are looking for.

When a little help goes a long way

KANA Enterprise Advanced Co-Browse enables agents and customers to view the same Web pages jointly. When customers encounter difficulties online, your agents can be right there guiding them step-by-step to resolution. A highlighted cursor makes it easy to clarify and actually show areas of interest. Objects clicked on and changes made on one screen are simultaneously visible to each viewer.

Reduce online abandonment

Tasks and transactions can be completed faster and forms can be filled out jointly, removing the guesswork for customers — and for service reps trying to make sense of half-filled out forms. Importantly, the information already submitted in a form is retained and displayed to agents when co-browsing begins. For customers, co-browsing can be the difference between giving up or getting what they want and making a purchase. For businesses, it can mean money and loyalty earned.

Smooth experience across browsers

KANA Enterprise Advanced Co-Browse works with all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, enabling an optimal co-browsing experience regardless of customers' browser types or operating systems. Customers don't need to make any changes to their browser settings or computer, or download plug-ins or applets to start the co-browsing experience.

Safe. Secure. Maximum peace of mind Co-browsing can be limited to the websites and pages of your choice. A dynamic start window on applicable Web pages lets customers initiate co-browsing on the page where the need for help arises. The customer interface is completely configurable to the look and feel of your website.

KANA Enterprise Advanced Co-Browse provides privacy and protection, and ensures adherence to PCI regulations. Business rules can be applied so that forms only can be submitted by customers, and sensitive information is masked from agents and kept confidential in transit. Full support is provided for co-browsing in those spaces that require user authentication.