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Global self-service for 100s of products.

The KANA solution enables Xerox to cost-effectively supports thousands of search sessions per day with content in seven languages for customers in more than 20 countries.

Online Customer Service. Good for Business. Good for the Bottom line.

The Challenge

Xerox, the leading provider of document management technology and services, needed to find a better, more cost-effective way to support its global customer base. Current support systems consisting of disparate interfaces and technologies across product lines, geographies and languages made it impossible to streamline processes and provide consistent, up-to-date information to customers and support agents.

In the Customer's Words

We manage close to 30,000 search sessions per day and that number continues to climb. Without KANA and their intelligent customer service applications, we would probably not have succeeded in beating our cost savings goals while still delivering the benchmark level of service demanded by our customers.George Barnes
e-Business Manager, Xerox

The KANA Approach

KANA solutions provide customer service call center agents with automated tools and information to efficiently resolve customer issues. Global customers also have the ability to find solutions directly on the company's customer portal. Customers can access information on hundreds of products in seven languages. If needed, customers can easily escalate to assisted service with intelligent e-mail and web-forms.

A single solution architecture, consistent user interface, and online knowledge base with localized content delivers ease-of-use and consistent, accurate information reducing support costs while improving service.

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