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Unbeatable deals — with service to match

In the online travel industry where prices and offerings change in an instant, KANA's intelligent multi-channel solution helps Priceline satisfy its surging customer base.

Focus on Service, Not the Service Process.

The Challenge

Priceline, the pioneer in discount online travel, needed to handle exploding inquiry volumes consistently and cost-effectively as the business grew and grew. Priceline had little in the way of self-service or case management capabilities. Their home-grown contact center made it nearly impossible to quantify call drivers and learn from experiential data.

In the Customer's Words

KANA has really made our data work hard for us. Intelligent, automated email response and an extensive self-service function has freed up customer service reps for high-level requests. The task of updating knowledge banks as we develop and expand our service offerings has gone to product management, lifting a heavy burden off IT. We're much more efficient now.
KANA was deployed in stages and we saw results after each roll-out. The investment has already paid for itself many times over. Ron Rose

The KANA Approach

For agents: KANA provides the critical link between Priceline's agents and internal systems, such as Reservation and Billing applications. With all the relevant information right in front of them, service reps can deliver a better customer experience.

For customers: The KANA Web Self-Service Solution gives customers easy access to up-to-the-minute travel information, eliminating the need to call and providing high-quality online experiences.

For managers: Priceline's managers can now leverage data and case information to improve business processes and create additional efficiencies.

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