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Carphone Warehouse

First-time resolution rate of 89%, Productivity up 39%.

With 800+ retail stores and multiple call centers in the UK, India and South Africa, the Carphone Warehouse uses KANA to deliver fast, consistent and accurate answers for customers.

First-time resolution rate of 89%, Productivity up 39%.

The Challenge

As the world's leading independent retailer of mobile phones and services, the Carphone Warehouse family consists of multiple, independent businesses across 11 countries. The group has extensive expertise and knowledge but little of it was written down, making it difficult and costly to deliver consistent responses to an ever-growing volume of customer inquiries. Retail, call center and e-mail channels added to the complexity of delivering quality service.

In the Customer's Words

Among the reasons we chose KANA was the completeness of their solution together with their implementation expertise…We now have a first-time fix rate of 89%, which is amazing. KANA is a key part of the toolkit that helps us to achieve that result.


Anne Wood
Head of Knowledge Management and Self-Help
The Carphone Warehouse

The KANA Approach

KANA solutions replaced the company's previous proprietary solutions to deliver one central knowledgebase that can be segmented for different users and accessible via multiple channels. The solution delivers on-demand advice that intelligently helps more than 2,000 agents assess requests and determine the right answers. E-mail and web-form management streamline the process of responding to electronic inquiries.

Because the knowledge base is updated multiple times a day and information is easier to find, staff productivity and the first-time resolution rate are up. Scripts and template responses ensure a consistent 'tone of voice' with customers around the world contributing to customer satisfaction.

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